Saturday, July 31, 2010

We've got this morning routine that I'm not sure I like. Caleb wakes me up by coming into bed at about 6:30. Where, oh where did that come from?!? I try to get him to go back to sleep, which occassionally happens. When I checked on Hannah, surprise, surprise, she was still asleep in her bed, facing the wall. You have to understand that she spends every night and every nap with her head hanging over the side of the mattress so she can look out the door and see what's happening. We never close the door all the way, and only pull it to touching after she's asleep. Always leave a light on in the bathroom, so she can see some light coming down the hall if she awakens. So that was big.
We went to the farmers' market and got some sweet surprises there. First, we saw some CC friends. They won't be joining us this year, so it was nice to visit. Then, when talking to the chicken guy, somehow we started talking about me being out of the country. Of course, that is such a nice story to share with people. He asked if he could pray for Hannah. Sure. It was really sweet to hear him pray blessings on her and our family.
We left his tent area and moved on to buy some green beans, saw our friend again, chatted a bit, then another man came up to Hannah and gave her a bracelet. He proceeded to give each of the kids one, and me, too! So nice of them.
I didn't share it before, but when we were walking around in Tbilisi, in the airport in Tbilisi, and even Amsterdam, people would move out of their way to stare at Hannah's feet. It really irritated me that they would do that, but you know that's to be expected. I must say there were sweet people, too. So, to come home, not have the staring, and such kindness shown, it really makes me feel good.
We went to the library to get some books, and stopped at a garage sale on the way home. There was a cute little doll sized table and 2 chairs. How fun for the girls! I was short on the cash they asked for, but I live around the corner and told them I'd be back. I sent the big kids over with money, which they said we didn't have to pay. What nice things happening to us!
In the middle of it all, I must say, the adjustments are not so easy at times. I'm so thankful mom came over yesterday to give me a break so I could run errands by myself. C and H are learning to be nice to each other, mostly C. Big C and S are learning to be nice to each other. I'm learning to be a constant ref. which is a little wearning. Believing God for His grace to continue. We did have a family meeting tonight to lay down the law about some of the behavior going on. We understand adjustments aren't always easy, but we know God can help us if we allow Him to work in us. Behavior and character are big issues that can't be swept under the rug.
Now, when is my massage scheduled?
Looking forward to tomorrow! Church, Catherine auditioning for a new dance school, and having a relaxing afternoon with friends.

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