Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend busyness is over! Really, it was full, and I'm glad to be in the week. "Daddy" got to be Hannah's favorite word for the weekend, which was fun to hear.
Buddy worked Saturday am, and I played ref. We planned to go to swim, but we got visitors instead. Always fun to have friends come by. We decided pizza and a salad and some time together was more important.
We ended up having a family meeting to confront some behaviors we had seen creeping up in the older 2. We know they're great kids, and that they are kids, and that they've been through a lot this past year with Buddy in school, gone, getting ready for our travel and then travel time, and adjusting to a new sibling. What a blessing to have the Word of God to point them to and not just theory. There are eternal reasons we don't live like the rest of the world does. Our future depends on it. Character and trust are mighty strong issues that can't be allowed to slip even a bit.
Sunday was church, lunch at Zio's, and then we were going to go our separate ways to accomplish what needed to be done. Buddy was going to go to Sam's to get veggie and fruit trays for our get together and then take Catherine to her ballet audition. After that, we'd head to our friends' house. I was going to take the other 3 home and put the little ones down for a nap and meet Buddy. However, while we were waiting for our food, Catherine informed us she had her ballet stuff neatly set out on her floor. Change of plans. We inhaled our food, and C and I raced home to change and get her ready to go. Buddy would pay for everything and meet us at home so he could take C to the audition. He didn't make it home and we were running really behind. So, Buddy took 3 kids home and was in charge of naps, and I went to Wallyworld for the veggies and fruit. When we got home, it was time for naps to be over and he looked a little overwhelmed. "Daddy" had been continual, and sleep nonexistant.
Off to The Thomas' house for some fun time with friends. We ended up staying for 4 hours and had fun every moment. I so appreciated them letting us come there. Their house is perfect for groups of people. Plus they have a huge play room, which I am not at all envious of. Hannah discovered scissors and glue sticks and had a blast. See, if she is just shown things, I know she'll pick them up really quickly.
On the way home, we saw a vehicle for sale, so after quick baths and into bed, I called and went to test drive it. Not what we want, but at least we're looking and know we'll find it. I'm supposed to go again today and drive another one. Wish it was all up to Buddy, but I know I have to help out in this way.
I think we overdid it with activity yesterday because there has been a lot of hurt feelings and flopping on the floor over little things. No real naps today, so early to bed, which is fine with all of us. Sleep is a great thing. We have had some much nicer moments today, and I think it's just getting into a rhythm as a family that's bringing that about.
Speaking of moments, this is not one of them and I need to go ref again.

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