Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This weekend, we were invited to spend the night at some friends' house in Branson while they were out of town. Of course, with football games, we had to wait until that was done, go home to shower and eat lunch, and then go. However, while we were waiting for lunch, we got a phone call from my mom that she and my dad had been in an accident and had been thrown from the vehicle and had some injuries. My 1st thought was - where were your seatbelts!?!?! It was the motorcycle. Yes, the same bike dad had been riding when he was in his 1st accident in 40 years this June. However, the bike was fine, the tires new, and the day beautiful and they wanted to enjoy the day together. They ended up in a hospital 2 hours away. There was nothing we could do, so we headed to Branson and had 24 hours away from home.
Mom was able to come home late Saturday night, but dad was kept because of a broken clavicle, scapula, and 1 or more ribs.
Mondays are so full already and we had no idea of what was going to happen with them allowing dad to leave, so we continued on with our plans. Thankfully, one of our friends was able to take mom to be with dad. While they were there, they got the ok to come home.
We went over this morning to take groceries and make sure they're ok for the next day or two. Catherine was so relieved to see dad. She'd talked to mom quite a bit, so she knew mom was ok, just wasn't too sure about dad. After a nice lunch, helping to clean a few things up and wash dad's hair, both mom and dad were done in and we took our leave. I'm so thankful we could be with them and that it was as mild as it was. After 10+ years working in ICU's, I know what happens in motorcycle accidents. What if I would have been on the other end of the very serious call and the request for organ donation? Eek! Too much to think about. We're reminded again of the goodness and faithfulness of God to care for us. Now, we're believing it'll be a quick recovery and back to their normal selves in very short order.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm getting another present- a new garage door! The door is who knows how old, heavier than I can lift, and starting to rot in places. Today when I closed it, I heard this sickening sound. My first thought was- did I have the car pulled in all the way? Thankfully, nothing was in the way and we were just fine. We missed Catherine's dance class and returning a book to the library. Other than that, we were not in need of going anywhere. I just wished I had more flour so I could bake more! Thankfully, we have a friend who is in the garage door business and can come by tomorrow morning.
We thought we had a buyer for our vehicle and could possibly be selling it this weekend. Exciting, except we haven't heard back from them. Anyway, we looked and found an suv that would suit our family better. I emailed, talked to Buddy, and then called this am only to find it was already sold. It did seem perfect, but we are confident there is something even more perfect for us out there at just the right time.
I've got the forms to update our homestudy. It's actually valid until December, I believe, but the background checks MUST be back before then and can take several weeks. So, that goes out tomorrow. Never thought we'd be doing this, but we're totally fine with it, and know that God is still working. Another step was taken this week. It does seem slow, but at least we do get glimpses of progress.
Off to clean the kitchen.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

He gives His angels charge over you...

Yesterday was a full day. I had great plans of doing laundry all day, getting some curtains hung in our bedroom, recovering my hope chest, going to Samuel's game, having fun at my parents' celebrating my birthday. I did get to start another load in the washer, but Buddy was having a hard time getting the dryer hooked up.
Samuel got to win a game! He even pulled off a flag after someone already pulled the 1st one off assisted in a tackle! They won 5 TD's to 1, give or take some extra points. One of my friends came to the house and stayed with Caleb while the game was going, which I was very thankful for. Dad came and helped out with his riding lawn mower, which I happily hopped on to finished up the yard. He also helped Buddy hook up the dryer. By then, it was time to give Caleb a bath, Buddy get ready, and out the door for the party. We had a very nice time, but I felt we needed to get home.
Once we got home, we were met with the smell of charred beans. I had left a pan of beans on the stove on low, forgot about them in the hurry to get out the door. Buddy saw them, meant to ask what I wanted to do, and forgot. Praise the Lord, there was no smoke (how strange is that!) and nothing on fire, just a pot of beans that stunk so badly, it made me nauseous. The smell went all through our house. We opened doors and window, turned on fans and did all we could to get the smell out. Back into the car we piled and headed back to my parents where we spent the night. God is so merciful! We lost nothing and were so thankful for His protection over our family and household.
Interestingly, on the was back from Samuel's game, we heard a scripture on the radio that talks about walking through the flood and you won't be drown, through the fire and the flame will not kindle upon you. I got to explain that to Catherine as we drove home. Little did I know that would we walked out in our life within the next 8 hours!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cleats, popcorn, and learning commands

This afternoon, after 3 haircuts (not me. I'm still working on locks for love. Plus, I like the new person who's cut my hair and don't know how to tell my 6+ year hair dresser!) we went to find a pair of cleats for Samuel's football season. I couldn't find any at WalMart (Samuel's feet have grown 2.5 sizes in a year,) so I went to the local sporting goods store. Nothing in his size (sigh of relief after the $70-$90 price tags.) Shoe Carnival is down the strip a bit, so we walked together down there. Thankfully, they had some in his size, 6.5 men's! and we got a $1 off coupon and spent less than 1/2 of the other's prices. We weren't too far from Panera, so we walked a little farther and got some bagels to munch on before practice and to tide us over until our 7 pm dinner. We stopped on the way back to the car and decided to sit on a ledge to enjoy our bagels. I was helping everyone get up and get their food and Caleb started saying, "down." He was telling me to sit down. Once I did, he said, "eat." After I complied and we ate most of our bagels then got up to go. "Hold." And so I picked him up. I guess he knows how to tell me!

Popcorn selling season has begun for us and Samuel is thrilled! Me? I'm not that excited and tried not to do it last year. I'm thankful my mother-in-law was willing to walk with him when she visited last year. Saturday was the first day we could go, but we were too busy. In the excitement of Caleb's birthday, he forgot to ask family. Yesterday was so busy, and I just couldn't disappoint him anymore. So after Caleb was in bed, he and I left Catherine and Buddy to have some time together. We stopped at several houses that had no answer, a few that said no, but he got 3 sales today and was thrilled! He talked the whole time and was filled with the joy of life. It was great to see his face and hear his excitement!

If you're local and would like some popcorn, we'd be happy to add you to the list. If you're not local but would like to support his efforts, they have a great program where you can donate money and they'll send popcorn to the troops! What an awesome idea! Thanks from a scouting mom. =)

Monday, September 14, 2009

10 days!

10 days since my last post. Amazing. It isn't that we've disappeared, we've just had quite a busy time. We made the trip to Branson and had a fabulous time. Got to see dear friends, were blessed with some great clothes for Caleb and some for Catherine, made the SDC trip with C&S totally enjoying Thunderation, which will make visits even more exciting, and just relaxed together. Mom and dad bought some property south of Branson and were working on it while we were there. We got to go visit and help pick rock and dig up some cacti. Samuel rode around a bit with grandpa on his tractor. I'm not sure who it was more fun for.

Although we had a week off from our HS community, we went ahead and did our work and got caught up in Samuel's writing/language/grammer work. He's been writing poems and getting to type them on the computer, which he really likes. I'm learning as we go, too.
Catherine hadn't been feeling very well the last few days-coughing and low grade fever. We braved a Japanese sleep over. I must say, my friend Shawn makes excellent sushi and spring rolls. Catherine made it through the sleep over and then opted to "take a rest" before our little friend Hope's birthday party. She came out after a while and asked if she had to go. Of course not, so she slept for about 1.5 hours and went to bed early Saturday night. I stayed up and decorated the cake and some cupcakes I'd made for Caleb's 2nd birthday. Oh, how time has flown!

The C's and I stayed home from church while the big C recuperated and I finished up with the party prep. One of my nieces was sick, so Mark brought Gabriel and Piper joined us later. Mom made it, but dad was on a motorcycle trip. Part of the Urbans made it, but their crew wasn't doing too hot, either! Fun was had by all. It was so sweet the way Caleb kept saying, "birthday.....cake!" He so badly wanted to get his hands on some of that pretty frosting! He is definitely one to keep me on my toes, a very lively spirit, which brings a lot to our family. We are blessed and so thankful to be in this wonderful family.
Samuel started flag football last week, which was a thrill. We all went to the practice to run around and chase each other and roll in the grass watch him practice. He really enjoyed it and was relieved when 2 other kids didn't have their cleats yet. Practice snuck up on us again and we'll have to run get him some before 5:30 tomorrow. At least he has his black mouth guard.

On the Hannah front, we received some encouraging news the end of last week. Of course, we have to wait to see how visits between people go, but I believe God is working even yet. Can't you tell we still have room for more and are excited for that spot to be filled.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Done laboring

Buddy is actually taking a holiday off! He's on his way home now, going to look at a job in the morning, then take off for Branson in the am. We decided we needed to get away when he got home at 10:30 last night. A friend offered to let us stay at their place while they are out of town! We'll be able to relax and let Caleb and Buddy nap together as much as they want. My parents have property not far from there that we'll get to see. They'll be working on their land this weekend. Way back when, our neighbors had a tractor that I got to drive around our land in MN. It's be fun to do that again!
While it's awful to have such long hours, it's such a blessing that Buddy has all this work during "this economy." We're thankful to know God supplies all our needs and we are taken care of. The kids miss him, but we know it's for a season. It really is kind of funny how much more relaxed I've gotten (about somethings) being married to Buddy. When I was single, I knew what I wanted to do when and how. Now, I can pull thing together, the day of, to go anywhere! Is that the instant in season and out the Bible talks about?
Hope your weekend is full of happy memories and time to enjoy those God has so richly blessed you to be with.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I feel like so many things have happened since I posted last, but I know that's not really true. It's just getting into the swing of things, but throwing into the mix a field trip to the zoo with our friends the Baileys. We actually ended up doing school work on Sunday to finish up what needed to be done Friday.
Part of the reason it was dragged out so much was because I was gone most of the day Saturday. We've been partners with CBN for a few years. One of their outreaches is Operation Blessing which provides emergency disaster relief worldwide and has hooked up with 5500 organizations around the US to provide food for the needy. Tulsa has one of the places they've joined with. It's called The Genesis Project. Once a month, they go to a high crime area in Tulsa and hand out a lot of food and household items. I got the opportunity to join them. It was such a blessing to me. There were people who'd lined up at 11:30 pm the night before to have a place in line! I talked to many who had lost a job, had hours cut back, one family who didn't know what they were going to eat that day and just happened to see their neighbor going by with their wagon. People had rolling garbage containers, laundry baskets, garbage bags, boxes, you name it. All ages were there. I felt so badly for the children. I got to be the first person who handed them food! Some wouldn't meet your eyes and some were so friendly and vocally thankful. It was fun to be able to find something good about them and work to brighten their day. At the end of the day, 701 families had been served. I'm not sure what all they got besides the jar of sweet bell peppers I got to give them, but I know it made a difference. I plan on being back there next time they are giving out food. It was an honor to be there.
On a lighter note, we really did try hard this year to have a nice garden. I have never watered so much and cared for these little plants so much. We greatly anticipated our juicy corn crop and sweet watermelon. We did get about 15 cucumbers. But all my ears of corn looked like this.

Can you spy our watermelon crop? (enlarged to show detail)We had three so far, but one turned brown and shriveled up. I do see more blooms, so I'm hopeful. Amazingly, the tomato plants that looked dead have revived with blooms to boot!
I finally made bread the old fashioned way- kneaded by hand and the loaved turned out beautifully! I did it again today and made rolls as well as a loaf. Boy, does it get eaten fast!

Sad news. My new homeschooling buddies are going back to private school. They've been blessed with scholarships for all 4 children. It's wonderful for them, but a sad thing for the Wright girls. We both shed some tears today when we got the news. Fortunately, Abigail and Catherine got to spend some time together today. This was one of the first things they found when they went out to play.Who knows how long that was there or how it got there. Yuck!
Catherine got a new bike this weekend and she was thrilled! Buddy put Caleb on Hannah's bike and pushed him around. What a great weekend!
We're thankful for the cooler weather and great memories made during the days together.