Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cleats, popcorn, and learning commands

This afternoon, after 3 haircuts (not me. I'm still working on locks for love. Plus, I like the new person who's cut my hair and don't know how to tell my 6+ year hair dresser!) we went to find a pair of cleats for Samuel's football season. I couldn't find any at WalMart (Samuel's feet have grown 2.5 sizes in a year,) so I went to the local sporting goods store. Nothing in his size (sigh of relief after the $70-$90 price tags.) Shoe Carnival is down the strip a bit, so we walked together down there. Thankfully, they had some in his size, 6.5 men's! and we got a $1 off coupon and spent less than 1/2 of the other's prices. We weren't too far from Panera, so we walked a little farther and got some bagels to munch on before practice and to tide us over until our 7 pm dinner. We stopped on the way back to the car and decided to sit on a ledge to enjoy our bagels. I was helping everyone get up and get their food and Caleb started saying, "down." He was telling me to sit down. Once I did, he said, "eat." After I complied and we ate most of our bagels then got up to go. "Hold." And so I picked him up. I guess he knows how to tell me!

Popcorn selling season has begun for us and Samuel is thrilled! Me? I'm not that excited and tried not to do it last year. I'm thankful my mother-in-law was willing to walk with him when she visited last year. Saturday was the first day we could go, but we were too busy. In the excitement of Caleb's birthday, he forgot to ask family. Yesterday was so busy, and I just couldn't disappoint him anymore. So after Caleb was in bed, he and I left Catherine and Buddy to have some time together. We stopped at several houses that had no answer, a few that said no, but he got 3 sales today and was thrilled! He talked the whole time and was filled with the joy of life. It was great to see his face and hear his excitement!

If you're local and would like some popcorn, we'd be happy to add you to the list. If you're not local but would like to support his efforts, they have a great program where you can donate money and they'll send popcorn to the troops! What an awesome idea! Thanks from a scouting mom. =)


Molly said...

So I just learned today that locks of love doesn't make wigs for kids with cancer. Locks of Love is a great charity for alopecia patients. They turn down cancer patients for not having "long term hair loss".

Apparently LoL sells sell about 75% of hair donations to wig comps to fund alopecia research

So I don't know if you are looking to support kids with cancer, cuz if you are Wigs for kids does wigs for kids with cancer.

I was surprised by all this information, because I have been growing my hair out to donate too!

Amanda said...

Not sure if i told you but i have been for a while growing out my hair. My plan is to cut it next summer for LOL. Seems like everytime i go to get a trim i feel like they cut off ten inches, just due to the fact i am ready for it to be long enough for them. Anyway, have a great rest of the week. Amanda