Saturday, January 30, 2010

Since I've last posted, we've had 2 days of pinewood derby races, (Samuel got 2nd at his pack race, but didn't qualify for the city-wide race, to his huge disappointment. His car actually crashed off the washer during the spin cycle and had to be repaired hours before the 1st race. He was awarded with "Most Luminous Paint Job." Catherine got to race with a pink car, which was awarded "Outstanding Use of Decals.") finished up a 3 week cub scout requirement, started our new math curriculum, finished up 3 knitting projects (2 hats, a poncho for Catherine) and getting ready to started a felted wool hat for me. This is really fun!
It's been cold and snowy here and today Catherine and I got to sled down the slope in our front yard for a bit. It was surprisingly warm out there. We've had visitors on our back porch lately. Some of the bird seed spilled out of the bag and they got curious and hungry enough to come up to see if there was anything for them up close to the house. Because it's so much fun to see them, Samuel just dumped it out so they will keep coming.
We had fun yesterday with Buddy being home from work and school. For a while, we had Samuel, Catherine, and Buddy all at the table asking me questions to help with their work. What's great is that Samuel is learning things now that would help him teach English as a foreign language in the future.
Signing off to put the kids to bed.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The party's over

Today was Catherine's party, and boy, did we have fun! There were 6 other girls to celebrate with her, most bringing their American Girl dolls. Newer friends and older ones. We had foot soaks and then I painted their toenails alternating pinks, topped off with a little jewel. Then we sat down to some delicious tea and cucumber sandwiches, followed by cupcakes with strawberry jam mixed with cream cheese. We topped it off with presents and play time.
It could have gone on for a lot longer, but we were quite thankful for the time we had. Catherine was in heaven with her new toys. We could quite conceivable not have to play with her for sometime, because now she has 2 dolls (Christmas from Grandma and birthday from Grandma) with different outfits AND a bathtub, webkinz, a craft project, a furr real kitty that purrs and makes Nora wonder what's going on, and a pretty snow globe. What more could a girl ask for?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Catherine!

Deviating from our traditional candle in the hot cereal, I made a pan of scones for our sweet little girl. Looking forward to seeing what God brings about in this coming year. We are blessed to have a spunky personality, (which I'm told is a lot like how I was at that age.)

Last night, I went with 3 other CC moms' to hear Dr. Jones. He shared with us how God had given the mandate to teach and we as HS families are fulfilling that mandate. I was so impressed with the learning that had happened with 4 boys, ages 7,8,13 and 15. They all outdid me in mental math big time.
We have had struggles all around this past week, and I feel like I've got an answer. When I told them this morning, they were both ready to throw away the a Beka curriculum and hop right on! We do have to do some testing first, but it's a classical approach and an expectancy that they are extremely capable, because of our covenant with God. It was also great to hear that all 3 families have children throwing fits, crying copiously over their assignments, and triumphing in spite of it all! I AM NOT ALONE!
This morning, I went to peek at Caleb and found him like this He woke up a little later and came out to the kitchen to tell me ,"Good sleeps, mama!" This must change, but it was a good laugh for the morning. Who knows how long he'd been like that.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New routine?

Since Buddy has been home, Catherine has had to go back to sleeping in Samuel's room, although on the floor since we don't have a mattress yet. Caleb has cried every night and been up til 9 or later, hoping that Daddy will snuggle with him and can keep him if he cries hard enough. Sadly, he's figured out how to get out of his crib and just walks into our room or where ever if we don't "rescue" him. NOT good. Will changing to be with Samuel help? Don't know, but it's got to be done.
News, but no good news today. It's just a different world over there and to the Western mind, it makes no sense. And so we wait and go on with our lives while we do.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's been a wild last few days. Buddy got home about 9:30 Sunday night, exhausted and full of stories. He thought about 1,200 came to know Jesus as their Saviour while they were there! Monday was a full day of school, dance and scouts. We did see him some in the morning and between activities, then he was off to work early this morning. We all know he's home and that's what's wonderful.
Mary- I had glasses when I was in 4th grade, tried contacts for a while, went back to glasses until about 8 years ago. My eyes started improving and I found it easier to go without, especially around the house. They improved where I didn't have to wear them driving (which I already had been doing!) I wore them so infrequently that I couldn't find them when I wanted to. My night vision, church, movies enjoyment were all not the best, so I decided it was time. It takes getting used to after all these years, but it is nice to be in Walmart and actually see what is a few aisles down, or to have been able to read the pastry menu while standing in line at Panera. ;o) They're cute little Vera Bradley glasses. Buddy's had the camera, so I'll get myself together and get a picture soon. As Catherine says, it's not very pretty when my hair is back and I have no makeup. Gotta love it!

Expecting to hear some news tomorrow, so be agreeing with us that we'll have great favor during our night tonight. Hope to fill in details soon.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Things to celebrate

First of all, I am so thankful for one of the other scouting families for pitching in for me when we've had days I couldn't be everywhere I needed to be. They have taken Samuel with them, dropped him off at home, kept me informed of everything he's doing/needs to do, etc. Last night was "Beast Feast" at one of the churches here, which was supposed to be for dads and sons. Of course, Buddy couldn't go and dad was working. This other dad volunteered to take Samuel with he and his son. Samuel had such a great time. Just what he needed after being with girls and a baby all week!
2 of my friends came over today for tea and some really good conversation. They each brought a child for mine to play with, so we were able to really share our hearts. These ladies are both just a few years older than me, been married longer than we have, and have such great wisdom. They both basically told me I had to get a babysitter to watch the kids and just go be by myself for a while before Buddy came home. I'm so thankful for their orders!
My babysitter was free and I got to spend 2.5 hours by myself, first roaming around looking for boots and gloves, which I really badly needed- both for this cold weather and for our trip to ROG. Then, I went to Panera and sat by the fire, knitting while drinking tea and eating a muffin. I felt so relaxed and refreshed, I felt both like I could just stay there for a long time and that I was ready to go home and face the waiting for Buddy.
He'll be home in less than 24 hours! I'm looking forward to hearing his stories and just being together.
Off for more knitting!
Oh, and I'm bespectacled now, so I could actually read everything on the menu and not guess! Still getting used to the "look" and to the seeing. Catherine so honestly tells me I don't look very pretty with them on. Oh well, at least I know she loves me enough to be honest with me!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Found our 2010 focus

Today after a quick morning of homeschooling, we took off for Pizza Hut and bowling with some of the other CC families. We were so thankful to be among the friends we've grown to love and anticipate having time together. Another friend and I both had a knitting project to work on, which I enjoyed.

It's supposed to sleet and get downright nasty with wind chills below zero tomorrow! We, like so many others, hit Walmart to stock up on groceries, which were already low. Hard to be motivated to cook much with only one adult. I'm thankful Buddy is not doing his usual work right now. Some days he comes home with wet feet and I can't imagine the misery that would be!

I think this year we're going to be focusing on gratitude more in our home, and gracious attitudes. Let me just say that while Buddy's been gone, I've seen it more and more. Could be it's always been there, but when you're the only one dealing with everything, it pops up a bit more than I realized. Perhaps it's that I've been in daily pain since my crown process started over 3 weeks ago and I'm more sensitive to the bickering. Perhaps it's because every night Buddy's been gone Caleb has either woken up and cried in the middle of the night, or has woken up shortly after he's gone to sleep to cry for an hour if you even think about putting him down! (Catherine is with him until we get a mattress for his bunk bed and gets woken up when he cries.) Perhaps it's because I think about what Buddy is seeing, what I imagine Hannah is experiencing, what I remember my life was when I was their age. I'm somewhat frustrated that when God blesses us, we come to expect it, and more instead of being grateful and realizing we truly deserve death for our behavior. What ever the reason, my eyes are open to what we need to do.

On a more positive note, Catherine realized during my heart to heart with Samuel that I needed some loving coming my way. She wouldn't let me come into the kitchen and made a lovely dinner of ramen noodles, mint tea and dessert of oatmeal, cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar (breaking only one crystal bowl.) Samuel lit about 8 candles, (the wax of which had to be scraped off the table after they were done.) I told them they I'd clean the mess, since if you cook you don't clean. "Yeah, but you cook AND clean," Samuel so wisely noted. "Right, but maybe it shouldn't be that way,"I replied. "We'll cook for you everyday, then," he said. Wouldn't that be interesting!

4 days down, 4 to go. Thankful for the 2 minutes 58 seconds we got to talk to him tonight and that someone lent him their phone to call.
Off to write the kids a note of thanks.