Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finished Product

It's really done this time! The kind lady from the Yarn shop took my hat home and washed it for me. Everyone, who didn't know what it was supposed to look like, was surprised by the looks of the hat. It's so fun to have accomplished something like this! The kids have had more fun wearing it than I have! Now, on to Catherine's hat and Buddy's scarf. I'd really like to try knitting a sweater for Caleb, but we'll see. If Samuel does soccer this spring, I may have some time while I'm sitting at practice.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sad news, my hat did NOT shrink like it's supposed to. I still have a very unflattering sack! I think my friend's washing machine does things a little too gently and we needed something much more serious. I'm just hopeful I can actually use it before the weather gets warm.

Much better bedtime tonight. I had to basically camp outside the door and put Caleb back in bed every time he got up, which was about every 5 minutes. Finally, the lights went off and stayed off. Yay!
Getting off another round of documents to be apostilled today. I honestly don't think there's anything else they could possibly need. This time, I'm letting the USPS take care of the driving. It only takes a day, and I really don't have a day to lose.

Having some dilema's with Caleb and Samuel. It's bringing back memories of us letting Samuel fall asleep in our bed until Catherine was asleep, then moving him back. Not so fun, but we finally got it down. Caleb has been taking really great naps, then staying up until 9 or later because he's slept so well. However, without a nap, he's really naughty and cranky. Last night he crawled into Samuel's bed several times, turned on the lights, had toys in his bed. He finally went to sleep when I moved him into our bed. The night before, he had the lights on and Samuel slept through it. We have a rail on his bed, but it only covers part of the side. I'm not convinced he wouldn't just climb over it, even if we had something that went along the whole side of the bed. Patience and persistance is the name of the game.

We've been enjoying the off and on snowing of this winter. Waking up to white when you have no idea it's coming is a wonderful thing! Especially when the roads are still clear.

I'm finishing up my felted wool hat today. The knitting has been done since Friday, but I needed to go to a friends to wash it so it'll shrink right. Looking forward to posting pictures. I finished a 2nd hat for Ava, since the first was too big, started a scarf for Buddy, but promised Catherine I'd make a pink hat for her before I finished Buddy's. This is such a great way to keep me relaxed and occupied when my presence is needed and I can't really be doing anything productive.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This week we...

...got new pictures of Hannah! She looks great. So happy, so big. Very thankful for that encouragement.

Started our second week of new math. We saw GREAT improvement this week in both S & C. From tears and wailing on C's part, to excitement and a big sense of accomplishment. She attempted 100 multiplication problems in her first time ever doing mult. and did them in 20 minutes. Mind you, it took 3 hours to do 100 subtraction problems on a few days. Samuel is speeding along and can do his 100 problems of +,-,/, or x in 3-5 minutes each.

Put Caleb in his big boy bed today. Woo hoo! It's been interesting, to say the least, but he's doing well. He actually told me one morning, "I go pee pee." It was to let me know he needed to go, which he did quite successfully in the potty!

...may have found a car solution! Test driving while we go to Branson for 24 hours again. Looking forward to seeing how God works it all out.

Faithful is my God. True to His word and ever loving. So thankful for being in His family.

Have a great weekend!