Thursday, July 19, 2012

2 years home

I should be one of those people who put together a slide show celebrating the day, but I'm having trouble getting our MN pics onto a post, so what can I do? We spent a pretty low key day with kids at vbs, then some fabulous fun at our friends' house, followed by a movie night supporting the girls' missionary fund for vbs. I did run some errands with Hannah, and she ran, literally, beside me as we rushed into one place after the other. I thought as I did - we've seen some big changes in her during this time. Mobility-wise is just one. We recently watched video of her from our trip to ROG and are amazed at the difference. We saw little Nika and so wish he could be home, too! Then there were the thoughts of Evan. I remember being on the plane home thinking that when we flew to be with our family, he was home in heaven. So many emotions and thoughts. Happy 2 years being in the Wright family!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1st. New adventures are on our plate today. To think last week we were enjoying great weather and memory making opportunities of Minnesota. I have to say, 50's for morning temps beat 80's by a long shot! E kids travelled well, and we have a chance to hang out with cousins we hadn't been with for any extended period of time in many years. There were new people to meet, good food to eat, lots of time choking in smoke from the fire the kids were good enough to feed with the leaves that were nearby, fishing and playing on the rafts. It was so relaxing we decided to stay another day. We got home Monday night, quickly unloaded the kids and travel paraphernalia, and got everyone into bed. Catherine starts a summer intensive, a day late at TBC, where she took ballet a year ago. Sadly, our travel schedule didn't allow her to be there last school year. We had to learn how to sew on ribbons and elastic,and tie them the right way. I'm thankful there is another CC student who lives close enough for us to car pool. Every day she comes home full of stories and new things she's learned. In the middle of all of this, Samuel left ths morning for Northern Tier for 2 weeks, and we had much to accumulate for the adventure. At least 8 days portaging in the Boundary Waters, wearing the same thing every day, changing at camp (wearing the same thing at camp every day), into sleeping clothes, then back into portaging clothes. They do shower and use a suana when they end the journey, which is a very good thing. Everything he needed for that trek had to fit into a 30 liter dry sack. Sleeping bag included. Packing it all in was an adventure in and of itsled! I'm so excited for him to have this opportunity. Looking forward to hearing his stories and throwing away his clothes once he gets home. To show the effects of these older kid activities on their younger brother, you would have to have been in our living room a few nights ago. I was in the back of the house enjoying listening to them trying to get his attention. C was trying to get him to do ballet with her. "good job, caleb! First position. Keep your feet just like that. Perfect! Now, releve'. (Clap, clap) pay attention! I am not pleased with this. You need to releve'!" Meanwhile, Samuel kept coming over. "Caleb, want to come fight with me? Let's go get our guns. Boys fight, they don't do ballet!" this lead to loud hand clapping by C. Back and forth it went, but I believe the fighting won out! A few funny Caleb sayings. For some reason we were talking about getting married. He asked a lot of questions- who will I marry? When will I get married? Etc. we knew she had to love Jesus. What he then informed us was- "she has to like my clothes." as we were traveling up to MN, it's frequently snack time, in their minds. Should more than an hour pass without something entering their mouths, it's almost more than they can bear. "Mom! Can I PLEASE have a snack? I'm fanished." he had a great time with his "husband" Kasi, whom he's only met one other time. Kasi was so patient with him. They were great fishing buddies. He couldn't quite understand "cousin" vs. " husband." some days reading lessons go very well. Sometimes we have to use bribery. Just think if I'd realized I was able to teach the older 2! We read a lot, but I thought the school would do it. Sad. In the midst of all of that, Hannah is having fun hanging out with every one. She just had a procedure done to fix some damage on her ear drum. She was a trooper and came out of it just fine. Back to herself that afternoon. I think she enjoyed her time in MN, and everyone was so impressed by her abilities, and the improvement from out last trip there in Oct. 2010. We did deal with some behaviors while we were there that normally we can handle in private at home. It was very tough discussing it with the extended family. I know some of the things we do in helping her overcome some issues, people don't understand. It's been almost 2 years, and I'd hoped we be farther down the road. It'll come in time, I know. Patience. I'm so glad she has Caleb. He certainly makes her keep up, and she does her best to do just that. Best friends/enemies, but great playmates over all. Tomorrow starts a week with only little ones at home. It'll be fun to see how that goes. I'm thinking this is a good time to be in the little pool and at the library. Pictures another day!