Thursday, July 19, 2012

2 years home

I should be one of those people who put together a slide show celebrating the day, but I'm having trouble getting our MN pics onto a post, so what can I do? We spent a pretty low key day with kids at vbs, then some fabulous fun at our friends' house, followed by a movie night supporting the girls' missionary fund for vbs. I did run some errands with Hannah, and she ran, literally, beside me as we rushed into one place after the other. I thought as I did - we've seen some big changes in her during this time. Mobility-wise is just one. We recently watched video of her from our trip to ROG and are amazed at the difference. We saw little Nika and so wish he could be home, too! Then there were the thoughts of Evan. I remember being on the plane home thinking that when we flew to be with our family, he was home in heaven. So many emotions and thoughts. Happy 2 years being in the Wright family!

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