Saturday, May 30, 2009

Random events

Do you hear that sound? Silence! Buddy took Samuel camping with the Cub Scouts overnight tonight and C&C are in bed! Now, to decide what to do- read a book, take a bath, clean and organize?

In prep for Hannah, I'm working in a very non-systematic fashion through our house, looking for ways to condense, repurpose, and reorganize. I bought some Space Bags online and they arrived yesterday. They are one of my favorite things in this process. Although I can't get my packages as flat or as small as they show online, it's amazing what all I can throw behind my bed that will free up all kinds of closet space. All Buddy's winter work clothes, extra blankets, clothes for the kids to grow into, and our winter coats are now tucked safely away in Space Bags. I have several left and am on the look out for what else I can find for them. If only you could do that with all your paperwork!

Before Buddy left, he took out our old refridgerator that we bought used when we moved into our house almost 11 years ago, and brought in another one. This one was given to us by one of his friends. It's in much better shape than our old one, is a side by side. I'm able to see more of what's in my fridge, which will help me not waste food as much. Catherine had a lot of fun helping me put everything into the new one. We're seeing God's blessings on so many fronts. I'm really thankful for His goodness to us. Amazing how He does what He says He will!

The kids are going to church on Wednesday and won't be home until Saturday. First time I've been here and they've been gone like that. Hopefully I'll have lots of time with friends AND accomplish things. Looking forward to quiet evenings with Buddy. The church in Branson is having marraige meetings Monday through Friday that you can watch online M,T, and F. Wednesday and Thursday aren't broadcast because one night is for the men and one is for the ladies. Last year, mom and I went up in time for the ladies' meeting and came home right after it was done. A very long trip, but so worth it. Check it out one of those night and strengthen your already great marraige.

Enough of this. I'm off to clean/read/bathe!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Good news!

Happily, it appears the some progress has taken place! I'm not going to prematurely get excited about what this could mean in the time frame of travel, but I'm so thankful we've had one more thing done off the check list. Yippee!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adoption update

What to say and still remain positive? God is faithful! Let God be true and every man a liar. My keyboard died on me and a friend just blessed me with a much better one than I had had! That is why I didn't let anyone know of the meeting that was to be held a few days ago, our case definitely going through committee, check list completed, on to the court for a date, etc., etc. (I have to keep emotions out of this because it's just too much of a ride if I don't.) The day came and went with a change of plans and a delayed meeting. It's one of those -laugh so you don't cry times. You think, ok, this is it! You can do it! It's just 3 cases to discuss and pass on to the court! It's 3 less children to support and have in your system. It's many thousands more in your coffers if you'll just follow through!
I've got my summer planned as well as I can. I'm keeping my faith in God's power at work in our case. I will not give into pity, feeling sorry for myself, even though it would be really easy to do so. Who loves Hannah more than we do? Who has more ability to change things than I do? Who always keeps His word? It is He who will bring Hannah home SOON!

Monday, May 25, 2009

We Were Soldiers

Ever see that movie? Buddy and I bought it years ago, but haven't watched it for a while. We're in between Netflix movies and I was in the mood for something different. There it was. I'd forgotten how harsh a portrayal it was. Imagine the reality. My heart went out as I tried to imagine myself in the shoes of a soldier doing his duty and then as a wife trying to hold it together while not knowing what was happening with her husband.
It made me thankful. We are so blessed to be in this nation, to have men and women willing to lay down their lives to ensure our future freedom. Reminds me of another One who willingly laid down His life. So much to remember, so much to honor.
Thank you!

Samuel's creations

While I was away, Samuel was busy creating these beautiful works of art. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What kids say

Yesterday, the kids were out in the garage and I heard a snipit of C's part of the conversation:
"Samuel, when you're bigger and mom doesn't know..."

Random updates

We finished school last Thursday and have had a blast since then. Really, it's been very nice to have an unstructured day AND accomplish things. I miss sitting together, reading and learning about something new. Although a bit dismayed at the amount of math we hadn't finished, I was really pleased to hear some other moms at the homeschool reading and craft time at the library telling how much they had yet to finish. I'm more encouraged than ever to look into a co-op, but now have to really pray about which one. One lady was telling about Classical conversation, which I've heard is really great, and is starting in our town in the fall. Decisions, decisions! We've been having some good play time with friends, which has been great. I'm hoping to fill a lot of the summer with that, in between our swimming, scouting activities, dance, and church camp. Can't imagine being bored this summer!

In other news, I'm heading to Tampa tomorrow and heading back Saturday night. My Maid of Honor is getting married in 8 days and I wanted to spend some time together- the 1st in almost 12 years! I'm so excited to see her and to be in Florida- not on a lay over in an airport! Probably won't have any beach time, but some fun girlfriend time. Amazing to think of going by myself to be with a friend and no one needing me for over 24 hours!

Hannah was going to have a visitor yesterday or today! I'm very excited that our kids are going to be checked on regularily until we get there. Not sure if there will be pictures, but just knowing someone is there is awesome. Our fingerprints are good until August, so the Lord is helping me to trust Him as He works on our behalf and Hannah's. God has great things in store for that sweet girl! Glad He's chosen us to be part of it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Picture People

I've had a portrait club membership for the Picture People since last June. Those pictures included the one on my header. Sadly, we've not been back since. I decided I'd better hop to it and capture the kids and make use of my $ spent, so off we went today. It was hard making choices and I probably could have gotten the majority of the choices, but here's what I came home with. It's so exciting to think of what we'll look like in a few months!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Win an iPOD!

When we first started our adoption process, we were surprised to find out several families had prayed about and considered adopting Hannah. One of those families is the Rieben family. They have bio triplets and adopted 2 little boys in a very close time frame. Now they feel like they are to go back for 2 more girls! That is such a blessing.
Everyone needs a little help during the financing part of adopting and they are no exception with 4 international adoptions in 2 years, as you can imagine. They are doing a fund raiser and are giving away an iPOD! Hop on over to their blog, help them out in their process, and perhaps become the happy owner of an iPOD!

It's over

After 4.5 weeks, we've killed off 3 snails, 6 unidentified small fish, and 2 goldfish. I guess a few too many nights and/or mornings with no food would do anyone in. Last night I got the water ready to go so we could change it this am. Alas, we found 2 floating and sunning their bellies this am. No taps, but we did do the ritual toilet flushing, except they wouldn't come out and I was not about to reach in there to get them! About 3 tank refills later, out the last one came.
I think it'll be a while before we fill up the tank again.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Caught being awesome!

The kids decided that they should do something for me this morning since they didn't do much yesterday. I was not allowed out of my room until they told me I could. There were frequent visits by C to let me know they were almost ready. They were going to take care of Caleb, too, so I could just relax. Then there was a question about whether they could use the Kitchen Aid. If they made sure the bowl was in properly, it was fine. Then there was the smell of burnt toast. No smoke, so I let it go. Soon Caleb came in to read "boot." Then they needed a lighter, which I said no to.
Finally, they came with a tray to feed me breakfast in my room. Orange juice, a candle, my vitamins, 3 crispy pancakes and 3 golden brown ones, syrup, and 3 signs that said "Happy Mother's Day." I was so touched as they told me how they had tried to do one recipe, didn't have the ingredients, improvised with pineapple and made a great pancake. Samuel said he forgot you had to flip the pancakes until after he'd taken them off the griddle.
All in all, they used the Kitchen Aid, the stove, and the griddle, found a recipe in my favorite recipe book, served me, posted about 10 signs from my room to the kitchen wishing me a Happy M's Day, and didn't break anything or make a mess. I love these kids!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

You know, some people would feel a little sorry for me on this Mother's Day. Here I've been through 2 M's Days waiting for Hannah to come home. She just turned 4 and I missed yet another momentous day. I won't let myself feel that way and really don't. Why? Hannah is in a great home with people who love her and care for her very well. She was not taken back to the orphanage to go through more trauma. From what we can tell, she's spunky and happy, full of life. Imagine the void in the house when she's no longer there. I have all the rest of her life to be her mom in person, but this will be the last she's in that home. I'm so thankful for the babies in our home, looking forward to meeting the babies that are in Heaven, and KNOW Hannah's coming home soon.
Buddy told me today that there's no reason to celebrate just today; that every day should be a day to honor me as a mom. Very sweet thought. I'll just have a spread out time- today with those here, and sometime soon when my quiver gets a little fuller and Hannah's in my arms.
For now, I'm grateful for her foster mom and wish her a very special day.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I should be in bed with a good book, but FB and google reader called my name! Just say "no" when you can go to bed early!
Today we celebrated with my parents and Mark's family. It was kind of an odd celebration because it was early mother's day for mom and early birthday for her. Plus also (too much Junie B. Jones) we celebrated Buddy's d-day and my parent's anniversary from the end of April! I tried to pack too much in today, (cleaning the house cuz we originally planned to get together tomorrow, play date for Samuel, soccer game, free day at the museum, and baking) but we ended up having fun anyway.
Samuel's team had their scheduled last game of the season today. I can see improvement, but it'd be really nice to see some goals on the board for them. Sadly, they've lost every game except the first one, which was a tie. The teams we've played are older, bigger, and have played together longer. Most of his teammates are first timers. Kind of a stinky way to start, but he's pleased with how he's playing and I'm glad we let him play. Character building and exercise are just 2 of the benefits. Catherine definitely wants to play next season and I think we'll do it.
We're planning on joining a co-op for homeschool in the fall. I think we'll be losing our homeschool buddies (bring the kleenex) and I know it'll be good for them to make friends, get a break from me, and be in a different learning setting. I'm pretty sure this will change up our school work in new ways and hope that this won't make doing sports and dance too much for me to do with 4 kids. I'm sure it'll be ok, but I really don't want to be taxi service without any time to do what needs to be done at home. God gives us wisdom.
Happy Mother's Day to all the in process and moms and those who are blessed to already hold their munchkins. Children are a blessing from the Lord, a fulfillment of our heart's desire, and something the Lord desires for us. Nothing is too difficult for the Lord if we trust Him.
By the way, Buddy's mom never considered not having him as far as I know. It's just that we all have choices. It COULD have been inconvenient for her, but her choice changed the way my life may have looked, which is really wild.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Celebrating days

Monday was the 12th anniversary of Buddy proposing to me. Tuesday was his birthday. Today Hannah turned 4 AND we got pictures of her from Robin's visit. What a great start to the week!
I'm ever so grateful that Buddy wanted to share his life with me. It's been a great adventure. I'm ever so grateful that Buddy's mom chose life so we could grow old together. I'm ever so grateful Hannah's mom chose life so that we could become a family.
What a gracious God we have.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ahhh. The kids are in bed, the dishwasher is done, Buddy's relaxing reading a book and I'm blogging. Great end to the day.
I'd been wanting to take the kids to Silver Dollar City for World Fest, but didn't see how I could do it since Caleb hadn't been feeling well. A quick trip might not be so fun for him. Buddy was planning on working Saturday and needed to be back Monday am, Samuel had a soccer game Saturday am, and World Fest ended Sunday. Rain cancelled the game, Buddy didn't really have to be at work, and so we were going to go Saturday am as soon as we could get ourselves together. Buddy was dragging a bit so I suggested jokingly that he stay with Caleb and I take S&C by myself. That sounded good to him, so off we went.

It really was a great situation. Buddy got to relax and spend time with Caleb and enjoy the wonders of a 19 month child. We got to run around, not think about nap time, dealing with a stroller in the rain, or sleeping in a pack and play in a strange place. We saw amazing acts of Irish dancers, Peruvian dancers, Argentinian musicians who also danced with weapons (Samuel realy liked that), an Australian guy playing guitar and singing about gum trees and veranders, and my favorite Chinese acrobats! It's so much fun seeing the culture and talents of those around the world. It really makes life fun. It's also cool to know Buddy's been to Peru and those were some of the things he experienced. The kids did great and I enjoyed our time together.

Our sweet babysitter came at 7 this morning so the kids and I didn't have to leave until this morning, meaning we got to spend more time at SDC and swimming in the indoor pool!
Caleb did ok, although he was getting kind of cranky for our babysitter and was particularily busy hitting me and trying to bite me. I'm sure it was his way of saying, "Don't leave me again!" However, it's good prep for our, hopefully soon trip to ROG. I did come back, I was there after his nap, will be there in the morning and will be the same mom the next day. I'm praying for God's grace to be on him while I'm gone. Grandma will be great, S&C will be here with him, and we'll try some webcam time.
Looking forward to hearing something now that Robin is back in the states.