Monday, May 11, 2009

Caught being awesome!

The kids decided that they should do something for me this morning since they didn't do much yesterday. I was not allowed out of my room until they told me I could. There were frequent visits by C to let me know they were almost ready. They were going to take care of Caleb, too, so I could just relax. Then there was a question about whether they could use the Kitchen Aid. If they made sure the bowl was in properly, it was fine. Then there was the smell of burnt toast. No smoke, so I let it go. Soon Caleb came in to read "boot." Then they needed a lighter, which I said no to.
Finally, they came with a tray to feed me breakfast in my room. Orange juice, a candle, my vitamins, 3 crispy pancakes and 3 golden brown ones, syrup, and 3 signs that said "Happy Mother's Day." I was so touched as they told me how they had tried to do one recipe, didn't have the ingredients, improvised with pineapple and made a great pancake. Samuel said he forgot you had to flip the pancakes until after he'd taken them off the griddle.
All in all, they used the Kitchen Aid, the stove, and the griddle, found a recipe in my favorite recipe book, served me, posted about 10 signs from my room to the kitchen wishing me a Happy M's Day, and didn't break anything or make a mess. I love these kids!

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Charissa said...

Ha ha ha. I can't believe you didn't post a picture. Mmm. Pineapple pancakes.