Sunday, May 10, 2009

You know, some people would feel a little sorry for me on this Mother's Day. Here I've been through 2 M's Days waiting for Hannah to come home. She just turned 4 and I missed yet another momentous day. I won't let myself feel that way and really don't. Why? Hannah is in a great home with people who love her and care for her very well. She was not taken back to the orphanage to go through more trauma. From what we can tell, she's spunky and happy, full of life. Imagine the void in the house when she's no longer there. I have all the rest of her life to be her mom in person, but this will be the last she's in that home. I'm so thankful for the babies in our home, looking forward to meeting the babies that are in Heaven, and KNOW Hannah's coming home soon.
Buddy told me today that there's no reason to celebrate just today; that every day should be a day to honor me as a mom. Very sweet thought. I'll just have a spread out time- today with those here, and sometime soon when my quiver gets a little fuller and Hannah's in my arms.
For now, I'm grateful for her foster mom and wish her a very special day.

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