Saturday, May 9, 2009

I should be in bed with a good book, but FB and google reader called my name! Just say "no" when you can go to bed early!
Today we celebrated with my parents and Mark's family. It was kind of an odd celebration because it was early mother's day for mom and early birthday for her. Plus also (too much Junie B. Jones) we celebrated Buddy's d-day and my parent's anniversary from the end of April! I tried to pack too much in today, (cleaning the house cuz we originally planned to get together tomorrow, play date for Samuel, soccer game, free day at the museum, and baking) but we ended up having fun anyway.
Samuel's team had their scheduled last game of the season today. I can see improvement, but it'd be really nice to see some goals on the board for them. Sadly, they've lost every game except the first one, which was a tie. The teams we've played are older, bigger, and have played together longer. Most of his teammates are first timers. Kind of a stinky way to start, but he's pleased with how he's playing and I'm glad we let him play. Character building and exercise are just 2 of the benefits. Catherine definitely wants to play next season and I think we'll do it.
We're planning on joining a co-op for homeschool in the fall. I think we'll be losing our homeschool buddies (bring the kleenex) and I know it'll be good for them to make friends, get a break from me, and be in a different learning setting. I'm pretty sure this will change up our school work in new ways and hope that this won't make doing sports and dance too much for me to do with 4 kids. I'm sure it'll be ok, but I really don't want to be taxi service without any time to do what needs to be done at home. God gives us wisdom.
Happy Mother's Day to all the in process and moms and those who are blessed to already hold their munchkins. Children are a blessing from the Lord, a fulfillment of our heart's desire, and something the Lord desires for us. Nothing is too difficult for the Lord if we trust Him.
By the way, Buddy's mom never considered not having him as far as I know. It's just that we all have choices. It COULD have been inconvenient for her, but her choice changed the way my life may have looked, which is really wild.

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Hi~I'm Alysha said...

Ahh, the long days that end up being to short with all that needs to be accomplished...what a blessing not to be traded for anything for sure! :) ~Here's to a Happy Mother's Day Delahne!~ :)