Saturday, May 30, 2009

Random events

Do you hear that sound? Silence! Buddy took Samuel camping with the Cub Scouts overnight tonight and C&C are in bed! Now, to decide what to do- read a book, take a bath, clean and organize?

In prep for Hannah, I'm working in a very non-systematic fashion through our house, looking for ways to condense, repurpose, and reorganize. I bought some Space Bags online and they arrived yesterday. They are one of my favorite things in this process. Although I can't get my packages as flat or as small as they show online, it's amazing what all I can throw behind my bed that will free up all kinds of closet space. All Buddy's winter work clothes, extra blankets, clothes for the kids to grow into, and our winter coats are now tucked safely away in Space Bags. I have several left and am on the look out for what else I can find for them. If only you could do that with all your paperwork!

Before Buddy left, he took out our old refridgerator that we bought used when we moved into our house almost 11 years ago, and brought in another one. This one was given to us by one of his friends. It's in much better shape than our old one, is a side by side. I'm able to see more of what's in my fridge, which will help me not waste food as much. Catherine had a lot of fun helping me put everything into the new one. We're seeing God's blessings on so many fronts. I'm really thankful for His goodness to us. Amazing how He does what He says He will!

The kids are going to church on Wednesday and won't be home until Saturday. First time I've been here and they've been gone like that. Hopefully I'll have lots of time with friends AND accomplish things. Looking forward to quiet evenings with Buddy. The church in Branson is having marraige meetings Monday through Friday that you can watch online M,T, and F. Wednesday and Thursday aren't broadcast because one night is for the men and one is for the ladies. Last year, mom and I went up in time for the ladies' meeting and came home right after it was done. A very long trip, but so worth it. Check it out one of those night and strengthen your already great marraige.

Enough of this. I'm off to clean/read/bathe!

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