Monday, May 4, 2009

Ahhh. The kids are in bed, the dishwasher is done, Buddy's relaxing reading a book and I'm blogging. Great end to the day.
I'd been wanting to take the kids to Silver Dollar City for World Fest, but didn't see how I could do it since Caleb hadn't been feeling well. A quick trip might not be so fun for him. Buddy was planning on working Saturday and needed to be back Monday am, Samuel had a soccer game Saturday am, and World Fest ended Sunday. Rain cancelled the game, Buddy didn't really have to be at work, and so we were going to go Saturday am as soon as we could get ourselves together. Buddy was dragging a bit so I suggested jokingly that he stay with Caleb and I take S&C by myself. That sounded good to him, so off we went.

It really was a great situation. Buddy got to relax and spend time with Caleb and enjoy the wonders of a 19 month child. We got to run around, not think about nap time, dealing with a stroller in the rain, or sleeping in a pack and play in a strange place. We saw amazing acts of Irish dancers, Peruvian dancers, Argentinian musicians who also danced with weapons (Samuel realy liked that), an Australian guy playing guitar and singing about gum trees and veranders, and my favorite Chinese acrobats! It's so much fun seeing the culture and talents of those around the world. It really makes life fun. It's also cool to know Buddy's been to Peru and those were some of the things he experienced. The kids did great and I enjoyed our time together.

Our sweet babysitter came at 7 this morning so the kids and I didn't have to leave until this morning, meaning we got to spend more time at SDC and swimming in the indoor pool!
Caleb did ok, although he was getting kind of cranky for our babysitter and was particularily busy hitting me and trying to bite me. I'm sure it was his way of saying, "Don't leave me again!" However, it's good prep for our, hopefully soon trip to ROG. I did come back, I was there after his nap, will be there in the morning and will be the same mom the next day. I'm praying for God's grace to be on him while I'm gone. Grandma will be great, S&C will be here with him, and we'll try some webcam time.
Looking forward to hearing something now that Robin is back in the states.

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