Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last day

I must say, their last day went swimmingly- not the teary kind of swimmingly, just really well. First was Samuel's class. They were such funny boys! Caleb was a hit until Samuel realized C's diaper needed to be changed and my hands were so full of flowers, cookies, juice boxes, camera and baby up a flight of stairs and down several halls, I couldn't take the diaper bag. Oh well. He has some really good friends there that we'll definitely play with later. After I went to Catherine's room, we loaded her up, drove to the other side of the school, went in to pick up Samuel and his things and one of his good friends was there, in tears because Samuel wouldn't trade him a lego batman for a wizzard. He was mad at Samuel and told him he hated him. What a lovely note to leave on! 8 year old boys are full of surprises.
(Click on the picture to see what Mrs. S wrote on the board. I didn't have a chance to ask Samuel why it was there, but I think I can figure it out!)
Off to the other end of the school for Catherine. Look at that face anticipating the basket of gifts her classmates got for her!
More cookies and juice boxes. (Caleb figured out the straw thing really easily when there's fruit punch involved! What happened to the diluted juice I did for the 1st 2?) Lots of hugs and hand clapping games as quick as you can. Fond farewells all around. Do notice the not so happy face in the middle- Allie Grace does NOT want her friend to go.
We'll be back Thursday for pictures, Friday to the zoo for Samuel's field trip, we'll meet Catherine's class for her's later in October, so it'll be just fine.
After a quick diaper change, snack and an update for my mom (while S, C &C were tearing apart the basket and checking out all the cool things) we were off to the book store. As both kids noticed, it was old and messy. Books piled everywhere, but the owner knew exactly where things were and gave us some great info. I found most of what I needed, but will have to order some workbooks and guides. Not bad, though. She gave Samuel The Hobbit after he asked if we could get The Lord of the Rings video. We haven't even watched Chronicles of Narnia all the way through with them yet, so I wasn't too sure. We decided to read it together and then think about the movie. He also got a bag full of nifty fliers and information about a geophysics lab here that has special things for homeschoolers. I smell a field trip idea... He wasn't really thrilled when Catherine got blessed from her classmates, but came around when God was able to do for him, too.
Overall, it was very good. It was nice to see how well liked the kids were and how kind the families were to Catherine. Even the boys were drawing pictures for her! Samuel was getting notes and phone numbers right until he left his class! Mrs. K is so encouraging and accomodating, I'm looking forward to gleaning much help and inspiration as we begin this journey.
Now, I've got a table piled with school books that need desperately to be organized, a floor that is begging me to wait another day to be scraped (oh wait, that's me wanting to break the 11 pm bedtime cycle) and business needing to be finished for the month. At least I got my post in!

Week in review

The problem with waiting a while to post is that you do end up with novel length posts since a whole week is passing between posts!

Thursday- Catherine was announced as Jr. Attendant for homecoming, so I went to the pep rally and got to sit with her and participate in the activities. She was very excited, but composed when she walked in front of her school. Buddy got to go to Buck Fever at church, a men's hunting event. Dad was there, too and they had a great time. Lots of great give aways, but neither got anything but knowledge. I got to go to a women's conference Kindle The Flame at a church we used to attend.

Friday- After I went to the morning sessions of KTF, I went back home, got Caleb, tried to put him down for a nap, but I think he was really happy to see me and didn't want anything to do with napping! I met with Catherine and Samuel's teachers to see how they plan their week and realized I may not be able to wing it like I thought I could. I'll have their curriculm but not the teacher's manual, so I'll be going to town to see what I can find today. QWhile I was talking with teachers, Catherine and Allie Grace played together and Samuel went to Ian's and made another trade. They had a lot of fun with The Thing's hands!
I thought I was doing a great job with the floor removal and had actually accomplished quite a bit. What I realized was Buddy has too many other things to do for me to stop where I was in the process. Buddy mom is coming in 2 weeks for 2 weeks and we have some projects to get done! So, get out the sharp scraper and get back to it, sister! Samuel and Catherine both wanted to give it a try, so here they are helping.
Catherine had a quick rest and then it was time to get ready. She was so excited and silly it was hard to get her from one task to the next! Anyway, here's Catherine with the boy attendant and with her daddy. Click on the picture to check out those cool silver shoes!
She had to say what her favorite subject in school was- crafts (Art is what I translated that as, but I think I was wrong) what she thanked God for- my mom and dad ("She forgot me!" Samuel said.) and what she wants to be when she grows up- a Princess.
I got to the conference late, but was so I glad I went. The speaker talked about bringing up our sons and prayed for those of us who had sons.
Saturday was another full day at KTF, but I was able to help with some of the yard work Buddy was doing. Catherine said to me- I haven't hardly seen you! But I got to spend lots of time with Daddy! Translation- As long as I'm with Daddy, it's ok that you go for a while! No, really she loves spending time with Buddy and I'm thankful they did. I don't think I've been gone from Caleb this much this close together ever, and not much at all in the past few months. Very strange feeling. In lieu of going on a Scout camping trip, they pulled out the sleeper sofa and camped out in the living room and watched a movie about money/investments. Not so fun for the kids, but they were watching a movie with their Dad, so it was cool.
I went to Mardel and got some special reward things for S&C that are similar to what their teachers now do. They were pretty excited to hear how they can earn special treats and adventures.
Sunday- church and more yard work. It was so nice to be outside! We do need to figure out the mosquito control option, though. Caleb came in with so many bites! They think he's as sweet as we do!
Yesterday was a little sad for the kids. They do get to go back for pictures on Thursday and Samuel's class is going to the zoo for a field trip Friday. We can go meet them, but can't ride the bus. Oh my! That was a tear jerker for him- he had planned on trading something with one of the boys on the bus ride. When I explained why and what we could do instead, he was ok. Catherine wasn't as sad because she knew today would be a special day in her class- they're giving her a present! I'll be taking goodies to her class at 2:30 and Samuel wanted to have one, too, because their marble party was NOT a goodby party. So, I'll be in his class at 2.
I was trying to get them to class a little earlier today for some play time and didn't make their lunches. After Caleb woke up from his nap, we went to Walmart to get party things and were headed to Lowe's to look for a fire pit when I realized I hadn't taken them their lunches yet! So thankful THAT is ended!
All right, off to finally put on some makeup and head to their farewell parties!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Samuel told me this morning he left our neighbor's a little sad, but one of the boys told him not to be sad, it was ok. Then I told him we should think about who else he can talk to and he had someone else in mind immediately. Glad he can recover so quickly!
Buddy is going to take S&C camping with the scouts this weekend while I go to a ladies meeting. They are very excited. Samuel told me they're making "barf bags" for breakfast Sunday am. Sounds right up a 3rd grader's alley and make me happy I'll not be there! Seriously, I know they'll have fun and it would be nice to be there to make memories together.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

almost done!

I'd have to say that this floor thing is taking a lot of energy! However, there is a great sense of satisfaction in the blisters and sore shoulders when I think of how much less work it'll be for Buddy in the end. Plus, he'll think I'm pretty handy and want to keep me around for the next 60 or so years! (We've already established the fact that I'm too stubborn to leave and he won't go, either!) I'm about 2/3 of the way done and know I can finish before he comes home tomorrow. I found out that that fabulous tool had the blade turned dull side out for safety. Man, that thing can dig up some linoleum when it's turned the right way! Thanks, Buddy for pointing that out.
So glad we're getting these projects done before Hannah's home or the kids are homeschooled. What an interesting experience that would be!

Samuel the Scout

When I was in Girl Scouts, I hated selling cookies and did miserably! Samuel is VERY excited about popcorn sales for Cub Scouts. He begs us to go selling with him and would do it for hours if we'd comply. Tonight our neighbor girl came over to play and when Samuel walked to her house, her mom still wasn't coming home. While he was taking his shower she came back to say her mom was home. I have Samuel the option of waiting to go and writing spelling words 3 times tonight or going tonight to talk to her and writing them 5 times tomorrow before school. After he though about it a few minutes he decided it would be worth it to go tonight. So, he dons the full regalia and asked me to help him with his collar. Off he went only to return with no order. The great thing about this kids is that things just roll off him. He feels no sense of rejection and is looking for the next person to order from.
If you have a hankering for some good Cub Scout popcorn, give us a shout! And as Samuel likes to tell people- if you don't like popcorn, you can send $25 and popcorn will be donated those in the military and their families! Thanks for supporting Troup 80.

Monday, September 22, 2008

catching up

I'm more of a write-about-the-whole-week-in-a-novel blogger vs. the 3-seperate-posts-a-day- about-individual-events-blogger. I also keep thinking that I need to spend time and develop some great post. And then there's the times I think I need to put more pictures on...
This past week was eventful. I turned 38, I went to 2 funerals, reconnected with my first college roommate, had a date with my husband, got a plane ticket for Buddy's mom to visit in Oct., celebrated with my parents and my brother's family, and started ripping up the kitchen floor.
Last year when I turned 37, I was a basket case when Buddy got home from work. This year, I felt great and Caleb was the one crying. We've been watching some cooking shows, so I made a new dinner for us and Buddy got me a food processor! The kids got me a card that plays "what the world needs now is love..." and a gift card. Samuel tried to get me to buy it the day before and he'd pay me back. I told him I thought it would be a good idea to have daddy take them to pick something out. He was totally ok with that and they had an adventure together.
The 1st funeral was for a boy who died at 15 and then a man at 70 years. Really sad to think of lives ending. However, at the 1st funeral, the minister talked about heaven and how real and close it is. There's hope for us who know the Lord- we will have eternity together! I've heard it said this life is the shortest, hardest thing we'll ever do if we love Jesus. I'm glad I do.
Since Catherine needed a dress for homecoming, Buddy and I made that our date night last night. We headed out and the 1st store was closed, but then we hit TJMaxx. Right inside the door we saw some Halloween costumes and one was a bride. Perfect! Is that terrible? She won't know the difference, it looks very princessish and she can play with it for a long time. Then we went to Kohl's to look for shoes and found some cool silver ones. We also checked out the kitchen gadgets and big frying pans. Then it was off to Starbucks for tea and coffee and a nice casual chat. We need to do that more often.
Today I started ripping up the linoleum in our kitchen and laundry room. We're going to put new flooring in and since Buddy will have to do the bulk of that work, I wanted to help take up the old floor. 25 years later, it's not wanting to part company so easily. I didn't start so well- I had no gloves and was using a putty knife. But I was reminded of my friends Nicole and Lori who have accomplished great things in their yards and houses without their husbands helping in some of them. So, I really tried, but didn't get very far. Part way into the process, my dad told me about a tool Buddy had that would work well. Off to the shed I went and started in. Did it work better? Not so much. When Buddy got home he told me he'd turned the blade around so the dull side was out! I'll be back at it tomorrow, hopefully armed better.
I took Caleb for his 1 year check up. He's 19 pounds, 5th percentile and 30+ inches long. He was so happy while we were there, jabbering away and "reading" one of the books. Sadly, we left it in worse shape than we found it.
Today we got to bring Allie Grace home from school until Ballet class. It was a quick time together, but the girls enjoyed it. At dance, there were several boys with DS's and a DVD player with Star Wars Episode I. I think Samuel is enjoying Catherine's class! Catherine was with Allie Grace, Macey, Courtney and another from Gabriella during class, so it was lots of fun.
Buddy is getting ready to put new flooring in our laundry, kitchen and dining areas, so I'm helping out with getting the worst off so it's easier on him. I'm so thankful for the projects he's doing for us, that I want to help as much as I can. It makes it so much easier to do things I normally wouldn't- helping him as he helps me.
Catherine asked today how many more days of school- 8. Is that long? Long enough for her to be part of homecoming, Samuel to have his marble party, me to get the floor done and some organizational things for our school together. Samuel told Buddy tonight he didn't really want to go to school today. He'd been home Thursday and Friday with some virus and really enjoyed himself. God is working to prepare them!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Princess Catherine

I got a phone call today from the kids' school- Catherine was "runner-up" for the 1st grade girls to be the princess for home coming next week. The first choice decided she didn't want to do it, so they wanted to know if Catherine would be interested. Oh my, the chance to be a real life princess! I didn't even have to ask because I knew she'd be thrilled. Well, she was! So, off to shop for a worthy gown! She'll be in a pep rally Thursday and Friday and then doing something before the game starts Friday night. The kids have been asking if we'd be going to a game and now we most definitely will be.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Breaking the news

Saturday morning we told the kids that when God deals with us, speaks to our hearts about change, it's really important to obey. Obedience brings blessing and disobedience brings heartache. Samuel said, "OK, so what's the change?" I told them I was going to be their teacher. "What? You mean we're going to be homeschooled?" After the initial shock, we talked about the benefits and why we felt like this is a move for us, they were tolerable of the idea.

Monday when I pulled into school, Samuel was yelling to his friend "I'm going to be homeschooled!" with a fair amount of excitement.

kid things

Caleb got a tiger flashlight that roars and growls when the mouth opens. Smuel was being so silly this morning and we were having fun playing with it. He told me the tiger was mute. I asked him why he thought that. He explained to me that airs moves over teeth and helps make the sounds. This tiger had no teeth so he must be mute.

One day we were eating lunch and Caleb needed a nap and was crying and so unhappy. Neither S nor C said anything until after I'd put Caleb down for a nap. Then Catherine told me she was really glad I'd put him down because "that was getting annoyning!"

Sunday Caleb was playing with Samuel's flip flops and I took them away because he puts them in his mouth. I told S & C to get their shoes on and Caleb put the flip flop on my foot. I moved it away and he did it again when I repeated myself to the kids. Smart cookie!

Yesterday was Grandparents' Day at school and the kids were blessed to have Grandpa come to their program. After he visited their classes, they came home and we had lunch together, visited for a while then dad was off to work. We were able to go back to school so Samuel could take his AR tests. We had a misunderstanding in where I would pick him up. I figured I should stay put in case he came back to where I'd told him to be. Finally he came out- Where were you? I was hanging with Mrs. S, his 1st grade teacher. It was pretty fun.

Catherine started ballet yesterday! She was blessed with 2 leotards and a coverup, so we just needed tights and shoes. (I got the wrong kind!) 2 friends are in there with her, so she's really excited. It was fun to watch her through the window being a butterfly and learning to be light on her feet. (yea!) Her teacher is beautiful, tall, graceful as can be, with huge eyes and the sweetest smile. This is a good thing. I met a mom who adopted her daughter a little over 3 years ago. She had a heart condition, and before they really got all their paperwork together, they had an unofficial referal and travelled within about 4 months. Very cool to hear another story and watch her little girl as she was enjoying a life that may not have been.

pictures from the party

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Caleb!

I'll save the drama of the events of the day a year ago except to say that my husband was a wonderful support, holding my hand, praying and helping me breath. My mom was there, praying and taking some not so discreet pictures! My dad was videoing the whole thing (we weren't able to with the 1st 2 births.) It was all very wonderful once I saw my sweet baby and could hold him in my arms. Immediately I knew I'd do it all over again without the slightest hesitation.
Today was a very fun day for us as we prepared for his birthday party. We didn't wait for the party to give him his presents and we had our traditional candle-in-the-oatmeal breakfast singing. Mom, dad, Mark and his 3 kids came over for the festivities. As Catherine said after they were gone- they weren't here very long. It was almost 4 hours, but it's never long enough when you're with the greatest cousins ever! Caleb thoroughly enjoyed all the activity and presents. He was all over the box one of his presents came in and just laughed and squealed! The cake was so funny. Buddy said it was like digging through dirt the way he scooped the very dark chocolate cake. By the time he was done, he'd flipped the plate onto the floor, filled the seat of the high chair. and had a tray full of chocolate! Of course, a lot made it into his mouth, too.
We all had a very good time and were happy to celebrate.
I put him to bed and went to clean up the kitchen. I heard him crying so I went back to his room to hold him for a bit. As he snuggled right in and went to sleep, I thought again what a blessing he is and how thankful I am that the Lord added him to our family.

Friday, September 12, 2008

One year ago...

...after a night full of contractions and not much sleep, I got the kids to school, saw my OB in the parking lot and looked miserable enough for her to send me to the hospital to get checked. I'd been in her office 2 days prior, had asked Buddy to stay home from work that day, I was so sure she was going to send me to the hospital, only to be told "sorry, I don't think it'll be today." Tears followed.
Well, this day I got to the hospital and into my gown, got checked by the nurse and my OB and lo and behold, they thought I was progressing and I could stay! Only I couldn't because I had nothing together, Buddy was an hour away and my mom was at work. So, back home I went to wait for my mom and pack my bag. We were VERY excited for this blessed, much anticipated event. (I'd lost 2 babies between C & C and had been having contractions since the end of June.)
It was a LONG day to say the least. Although I was essentially pain free and progressed well, Caleb was not going to move! I spent the day walking the halls, bouncing on the excercise ball trying to rest and not get overly excited everytime the contractions were consistent. I'd had pitocin for the 1st 2 and was determined not to have it this time. I even sent Buddy home for my yoga DVD so I could do that and get this boy to move! I wish I had pictures of me doing yoga on the bed and mom being so supportive and doing it with me over on the couch! Buddy even did a little. By 10 that night with no change in Caleb's position we had the option of going home, taking a sleeping pill or just hanging out to see what happened. I chose the last. So, off to the waiting room mom went, Buddy was on the couch sawing logs and I tried to get some sleep while I waited in between contractions.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I went to see Charissa today while the kids were in school. Hope is such a cutie at 3 years. She is very lovey with her sister Ava and tried to be with Caleb. He wasn't quite used to her style of loving so it was funny watching her efforts and his response. (Catherine and Samuel play by him and with him for short spurts, but aren't really touchy-feely in their affection toward him, much different than I thought they'd be.) She kept telling me how cute Caleb is.

If you ever feel bad about yourself, go get a Hope fix- she tells me everytime I see her that I'm beautiful- "Good-bye beautiful Delahne!" I'm looking forward to seeing her more frequently!

True confessions

When mom and dad blessed us with their furniture, they gave us the lovely dining room furniture you saw in the "after" picture. Prior to this, we'd had wooden chairs with no padding. Makes for quick clean ups, for sure! Well these chairs are upholstered and very comfortable. Last night I was feeding Caleb carrots and wasn't sitting in a very good position to avoid spills. Of course I spilled carrots on the chair. I said, "first spill on the new chairs!" Catherine said, "Oh no, I've spilled several times!"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big changes

OK, so yesterday after we left Dr. Ray and Mary's, having talked to Dave (Rhonda's husband) about homeschooling, I had such peace, like this is a direction to go with. I asked the kids what they thought and they said it would be sad not being with their friends.
I talked to Dave more last night and one thing he said that was really cool- stop trying to figure it out- that's working your plan, not trusting God for His plan and following it.
Well, after I talked with Buddy, I went to bed and prayed and could not get to sleep! I was up for anther 2 hours thinking about school, how we could make it work, the many benefits, and the joy of having the Urbans nearby for support, kids to play with and even some team teaching! I can see us doing Bible and PE and science experiments together! Think of Hannah coming to a new place where people live part time vs a family learning and playing together! Talk about integration! Not only that, but we'd be able to pay off things, do some much needed projects and have a much more comfortable life financially.
So this am on the way to school we talked a bit about different families who homeschool and how they stay connected with their friends. Much better response this time. I went to Allie Grace's mom first to let her know. How wonderful to have a mom who loves the Lord, understands the necessity of obeying the Lord's leading and who's willing to work with me to keep them close. We'll be putting Catherine in the same dance class as Allie Grace so they'll have at least that time together each week. C's teacher homeschooled her children and was extremely supportive of our decision, and is going to pull together some reeally good resources for me to use. Then I went to Mrs. Woolf and Mrs. Profitt, vp and not sure her tiotle, anyway, they were both very sweet and encouraging. Mrs. W told me how glad she was we were following God's path for us instead of being like so many, wandering around unsure of what we're to be doing. The blessing is that we'll pay September's tuition and be done. The kids will have 3 more weeks to be with friends, I'll have time to better organize myself and do some research. GREAT thing is that they will bring all their papers and books home with them andI won't have to buy new curriculem! Huge blessing for us. I started to cry taking to Mrs. W. Her positive attitude was such a blessing. She offered to help during the transition and suggested I meet with the teachers to have help understanding how they set things up for lessons and teaching styles. What more could I ask for?
Charissa's really excited for us and I know I'll have lots of help. This will free us up to go to Branson more, go on field trips, visit Buddy in Tahlequah, have much more flexibility for visiting Buddy's family, etc. This is good.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

As I was driving back from OKC, I called Robin. She has a plan in place to do more than swap at the border of Georgia and Armenia. She put a bug in the ear of an official about them bringing the children, with us families providing the tickets, visa and per diem for the official. Said official is very interested and is working on that.
Oh, and our warranty statements are on the way to Georgia today!

On a different front, I talked to a gentleman (Dave) who homeschools his 2 boys while his wife (Rhonda) works. Now, for years I've said I would never homeschool because I like my time away from my kids, they need their friends, someone else can teach them and it'll b great, blah blah blah. Well, after my conversation, I feel like the Lord is leading us to pull our kids out of RCS and homeschool. Big deep breath.

How better to be able to go and do when we feel led? How better to help Hannah integrate? How better to make a huge financial difference? How better to teach them day to day to have relationship the way we know to with the Father?

Now on to finding out what God has as far as timing...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Picture catch up

Labor Day at the water park-Caleb with my sunglasses on.
Samuel enjoyed the slides and huge floating logs you could play on
Catherine enjoying the sun and water
Buddy panning for gold

Very dark picture, but you get the idea of our dining area. Buddy painted the kids on the wall
Samuel wanted to help paint, and this was a very safe place for him to be- behind the fridge!
After- I still need to finish painting the bead board, but I'll get there!
I had to go to OK City today. Caleb went with me, but I forgot his paci! On the way back, he was really tired and the only way to keep him content was to hand him treats when he fussed. I thought he was doing ok until I got home and saw this!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Flurry of activity

Well, after months of waiting, a few hints here and there of why nothing was happening, we are now spent on a very important mission. We have warranty statements (power of attorney) to notarize, apostille, scan and email, and overnight the originals to the adoption agency.
First things- my computer doesn't have Word! I can open word documents, but not alter them. I could print- in color, but my black cartridge is empty (I've been meaning to get a new one for a few days.) I called my friend Marsha who used to be a Notary to see if she still is. This would save me a ton of time tomorrow- driving to Tahlequah to meet Buddy, drive to a bank, have it notarized, then drive 2 hours to OKC to have it apostilled and 2 hours back home. She is!! Check. Amanda could help, but has no ink in her printer. Quick WalMart run for ink, stop at Amanda's for a speedy completion and printing of the documents, off to Marsha's for a fast notarization. Back in time to help get the kids in bed. Phew!
Now, I'll take the kids to school in the am and head to OKC for apostilling and be back in time, hopefully for Caleb to have a nap in his bed before I pick up the kids.
Does this mean we're getting closer? I think so!
This past week Catherine has been doing this hand clapping game with me. Caleb gets such a kick out of it and bounces around and waves his hands while we do it. Last night before we went to bed I told Catherine I'd do it one more time. While we were doing it, Caleb started clapping by himself! Honestly, I've not worked with him on clapping at all and he just did it by himself! I'll work to get it on video so you can see. Every time we did it, he'd clap. So, needless to say, we did it for about 5 more minutes just so we could cheer for Caleb!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I've meant to post this poem Samuel wrote at the end of 2nd grade...

is fun
fun happy dappy
I love to play


More good news

Our I-600a is is recognized and the National Benefits Center is going to help us out! Don't know who they are, but am grateful for their help. Robin has a plan in mind and we're hopeful to find out soon what our next steps are.
Last night, Catherine asked if I could play the piano for her. She had taken out about 5 pots and various cooking utensils earlier. So, I got out a piano book and played for her while she played the "drums." Pretty fun time together. Samuel had gotten a new Lego magazine, so that was his focus at the time. He's been talking about his birthday party and telling people they're invited. When's his birthday? Not for another almost 2 months!

Buddy had the opportunity to go dig for gold (by the way, contrary to Samuel's understanding, that's not picking your nose) with some of his friends. So, up at 4 am, drove 2 hours, spent hours digging through rocks. End result? A few flakes, good memories and a desire to go again!

My parents got a new couch, love seat and dining room set. So, Saturday the kids and I went to their house to bring out the old and help bring in the new. We then came home and unloaded their previous furnishings, which are like brand new. What a huge blessing. we were so excited! With the adoption, that was something we'd wanted, but figured we'd put off until we move (we don't have any plans yet) and we have a new house to put them in. One of the great things is that the couch is a sleeper and we'll have room for people to sleep when they come. After we moved things into the house, mom and dad took the kids to my brother's house so they could have a sleep over. Samuel said it was 11 when he went to bed and then got up at 5 to read Captain underpants so he could play more PS2! We met mom and dad at their church (they'd picked up the kids that morning) and then went to their house for lunch.
Buddy and I did labor on Labor Day- my kitchen and dining room are now painted! For 10 years I've had a white kitchen and now it's painted to match my living room. It looks soooo much better. I was thrilled to have that done. Now I'm more motivated to keep the clutter off the counters.
Needless to say, we left a lot of housework undone with all the running around, so I was glad when school came around and I could get things picked up. My friend Sheli came over and gave me ideas for decorating and for rearranging things. Charissa stopped by and she and her son Simeon helped me move a book shelf and then I did more on my own. Very nice!
Unfortunately, noone else is able to take care of the piles of papers that are on my desk and filing cabinet. Off to work on that project...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Some news, not the big news

We had a great weekend that I'll post pictures of, soon. Most excitingly, one of the families also waiting has their I-600a issue cleared up and should soon be getting a travel date! I think I know what needs to be done for ours, so I'm quite hopeful we'll be hearing the same thing, too. God knows.
At church on Sunday we sang a song that had the words "and time is in Your hands, beginning and the end" and it hit me AGAIN that I can trust God on the timing of this whole thing. Yes, I know what I want and when I want, but He ultimately can be trusted to work the fine details in that I couldn't have even begun to imagine we needed.