Tuesday, September 23, 2008

almost done!

I'd have to say that this floor thing is taking a lot of energy! However, there is a great sense of satisfaction in the blisters and sore shoulders when I think of how much less work it'll be for Buddy in the end. Plus, he'll think I'm pretty handy and want to keep me around for the next 60 or so years! (We've already established the fact that I'm too stubborn to leave and he won't go, either!) I'm about 2/3 of the way done and know I can finish before he comes home tomorrow. I found out that that fabulous tool had the blade turned dull side out for safety. Man, that thing can dig up some linoleum when it's turned the right way! Thanks, Buddy for pointing that out.
So glad we're getting these projects done before Hannah's home or the kids are homeschooled. What an interesting experience that would be!

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Charissa said...

Cute, Delahne. I'm just picturing you on your hands and knees scraping with a dull non-blade. hee hee