Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Flurry of activity

Well, after months of waiting, a few hints here and there of why nothing was happening, we are now spent on a very important mission. We have warranty statements (power of attorney) to notarize, apostille, scan and email, and overnight the originals to the adoption agency.
First things- my computer doesn't have Word! I can open word documents, but not alter them. I could print- in color, but my black cartridge is empty (I've been meaning to get a new one for a few days.) I called my friend Marsha who used to be a Notary to see if she still is. This would save me a ton of time tomorrow- driving to Tahlequah to meet Buddy, drive to a bank, have it notarized, then drive 2 hours to OKC to have it apostilled and 2 hours back home. She is!! Check. Amanda could help, but has no ink in her printer. Quick WalMart run for ink, stop at Amanda's for a speedy completion and printing of the documents, off to Marsha's for a fast notarization. Back in time to help get the kids in bed. Phew!
Now, I'll take the kids to school in the am and head to OKC for apostilling and be back in time, hopefully for Caleb to have a nap in his bed before I pick up the kids.
Does this mean we're getting closer? I think so!

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