Tuesday, September 16, 2008

kid things

Caleb got a tiger flashlight that roars and growls when the mouth opens. Smuel was being so silly this morning and we were having fun playing with it. He told me the tiger was mute. I asked him why he thought that. He explained to me that airs moves over teeth and helps make the sounds. This tiger had no teeth so he must be mute.

One day we were eating lunch and Caleb needed a nap and was crying and so unhappy. Neither S nor C said anything until after I'd put Caleb down for a nap. Then Catherine told me she was really glad I'd put him down because "that was getting annoyning!"

Sunday Caleb was playing with Samuel's flip flops and I took them away because he puts them in his mouth. I told S & C to get their shoes on and Caleb put the flip flop on my foot. I moved it away and he did it again when I repeated myself to the kids. Smart cookie!

Yesterday was Grandparents' Day at school and the kids were blessed to have Grandpa come to their program. After he visited their classes, they came home and we had lunch together, visited for a while then dad was off to work. We were able to go back to school so Samuel could take his AR tests. We had a misunderstanding in where I would pick him up. I figured I should stay put in case he came back to where I'd told him to be. Finally he came out- Where were you? I was hanging with Mrs. S, his 1st grade teacher. It was pretty fun.

Catherine started ballet yesterday! She was blessed with 2 leotards and a coverup, so we just needed tights and shoes. (I got the wrong kind!) 2 friends are in there with her, so she's really excited. It was fun to watch her through the window being a butterfly and learning to be light on her feet. (yea!) Her teacher is beautiful, tall, graceful as can be, with huge eyes and the sweetest smile. This is a good thing. I met a mom who adopted her daughter a little over 3 years ago. She had a heart condition, and before they really got all their paperwork together, they had an unofficial referal and travelled within about 4 months. Very cool to hear another story and watch her little girl as she was enjoying a life that may not have been.

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