Friday, September 12, 2008

One year ago...

...after a night full of contractions and not much sleep, I got the kids to school, saw my OB in the parking lot and looked miserable enough for her to send me to the hospital to get checked. I'd been in her office 2 days prior, had asked Buddy to stay home from work that day, I was so sure she was going to send me to the hospital, only to be told "sorry, I don't think it'll be today." Tears followed.
Well, this day I got to the hospital and into my gown, got checked by the nurse and my OB and lo and behold, they thought I was progressing and I could stay! Only I couldn't because I had nothing together, Buddy was an hour away and my mom was at work. So, back home I went to wait for my mom and pack my bag. We were VERY excited for this blessed, much anticipated event. (I'd lost 2 babies between C & C and had been having contractions since the end of June.)
It was a LONG day to say the least. Although I was essentially pain free and progressed well, Caleb was not going to move! I spent the day walking the halls, bouncing on the excercise ball trying to rest and not get overly excited everytime the contractions were consistent. I'd had pitocin for the 1st 2 and was determined not to have it this time. I even sent Buddy home for my yoga DVD so I could do that and get this boy to move! I wish I had pictures of me doing yoga on the bed and mom being so supportive and doing it with me over on the couch! Buddy even did a little. By 10 that night with no change in Caleb's position we had the option of going home, taking a sleeping pill or just hanging out to see what happened. I chose the last. So, off to the waiting room mom went, Buddy was on the couch sawing logs and I tried to get some sleep while I waited in between contractions.

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