Thursday, September 4, 2008

More good news

Our I-600a is is recognized and the National Benefits Center is going to help us out! Don't know who they are, but am grateful for their help. Robin has a plan in mind and we're hopeful to find out soon what our next steps are.
Last night, Catherine asked if I could play the piano for her. She had taken out about 5 pots and various cooking utensils earlier. So, I got out a piano book and played for her while she played the "drums." Pretty fun time together. Samuel had gotten a new Lego magazine, so that was his focus at the time. He's been talking about his birthday party and telling people they're invited. When's his birthday? Not for another almost 2 months!

Buddy had the opportunity to go dig for gold (by the way, contrary to Samuel's understanding, that's not picking your nose) with some of his friends. So, up at 4 am, drove 2 hours, spent hours digging through rocks. End result? A few flakes, good memories and a desire to go again!

My parents got a new couch, love seat and dining room set. So, Saturday the kids and I went to their house to bring out the old and help bring in the new. We then came home and unloaded their previous furnishings, which are like brand new. What a huge blessing. we were so excited! With the adoption, that was something we'd wanted, but figured we'd put off until we move (we don't have any plans yet) and we have a new house to put them in. One of the great things is that the couch is a sleeper and we'll have room for people to sleep when they come. After we moved things into the house, mom and dad took the kids to my brother's house so they could have a sleep over. Samuel said it was 11 when he went to bed and then got up at 5 to read Captain underpants so he could play more PS2! We met mom and dad at their church (they'd picked up the kids that morning) and then went to their house for lunch.
Buddy and I did labor on Labor Day- my kitchen and dining room are now painted! For 10 years I've had a white kitchen and now it's painted to match my living room. It looks soooo much better. I was thrilled to have that done. Now I'm more motivated to keep the clutter off the counters.
Needless to say, we left a lot of housework undone with all the running around, so I was glad when school came around and I could get things picked up. My friend Sheli came over and gave me ideas for decorating and for rearranging things. Charissa stopped by and she and her son Simeon helped me move a book shelf and then I did more on my own. Very nice!
Unfortunately, noone else is able to take care of the piles of papers that are on my desk and filing cabinet. Off to work on that project...

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