Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Week in review

The problem with waiting a while to post is that you do end up with novel length posts since a whole week is passing between posts!

Thursday- Catherine was announced as Jr. Attendant for homecoming, so I went to the pep rally and got to sit with her and participate in the activities. She was very excited, but composed when she walked in front of her school. Buddy got to go to Buck Fever at church, a men's hunting event. Dad was there, too and they had a great time. Lots of great give aways, but neither got anything but knowledge. I got to go to a women's conference Kindle The Flame at a church we used to attend.

Friday- After I went to the morning sessions of KTF, I went back home, got Caleb, tried to put him down for a nap, but I think he was really happy to see me and didn't want anything to do with napping! I met with Catherine and Samuel's teachers to see how they plan their week and realized I may not be able to wing it like I thought I could. I'll have their curriculm but not the teacher's manual, so I'll be going to town to see what I can find today. QWhile I was talking with teachers, Catherine and Allie Grace played together and Samuel went to Ian's and made another trade. They had a lot of fun with The Thing's hands!
I thought I was doing a great job with the floor removal and had actually accomplished quite a bit. What I realized was Buddy has too many other things to do for me to stop where I was in the process. Buddy mom is coming in 2 weeks for 2 weeks and we have some projects to get done! So, get out the sharp scraper and get back to it, sister! Samuel and Catherine both wanted to give it a try, so here they are helping.
Catherine had a quick rest and then it was time to get ready. She was so excited and silly it was hard to get her from one task to the next! Anyway, here's Catherine with the boy attendant and with her daddy. Click on the picture to check out those cool silver shoes!
She had to say what her favorite subject in school was- crafts (Art is what I translated that as, but I think I was wrong) what she thanked God for- my mom and dad ("She forgot me!" Samuel said.) and what she wants to be when she grows up- a Princess.
I got to the conference late, but was so I glad I went. The speaker talked about bringing up our sons and prayed for those of us who had sons.
Saturday was another full day at KTF, but I was able to help with some of the yard work Buddy was doing. Catherine said to me- I haven't hardly seen you! But I got to spend lots of time with Daddy! Translation- As long as I'm with Daddy, it's ok that you go for a while! No, really she loves spending time with Buddy and I'm thankful they did. I don't think I've been gone from Caleb this much this close together ever, and not much at all in the past few months. Very strange feeling. In lieu of going on a Scout camping trip, they pulled out the sleeper sofa and camped out in the living room and watched a movie about money/investments. Not so fun for the kids, but they were watching a movie with their Dad, so it was cool.
I went to Mardel and got some special reward things for S&C that are similar to what their teachers now do. They were pretty excited to hear how they can earn special treats and adventures.
Sunday- church and more yard work. It was so nice to be outside! We do need to figure out the mosquito control option, though. Caleb came in with so many bites! They think he's as sweet as we do!
Yesterday was a little sad for the kids. They do get to go back for pictures on Thursday and Samuel's class is going to the zoo for a field trip Friday. We can go meet them, but can't ride the bus. Oh my! That was a tear jerker for him- he had planned on trading something with one of the boys on the bus ride. When I explained why and what we could do instead, he was ok. Catherine wasn't as sad because she knew today would be a special day in her class- they're giving her a present! I'll be taking goodies to her class at 2:30 and Samuel wanted to have one, too, because their marble party was NOT a goodby party. So, I'll be in his class at 2.
I was trying to get them to class a little earlier today for some play time and didn't make their lunches. After Caleb woke up from his nap, we went to Walmart to get party things and were headed to Lowe's to look for a fire pit when I realized I hadn't taken them their lunches yet! So thankful THAT is ended!
All right, off to finally put on some makeup and head to their farewell parties!

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