Monday, September 22, 2008

catching up

I'm more of a write-about-the-whole-week-in-a-novel blogger vs. the 3-seperate-posts-a-day- about-individual-events-blogger. I also keep thinking that I need to spend time and develop some great post. And then there's the times I think I need to put more pictures on...
This past week was eventful. I turned 38, I went to 2 funerals, reconnected with my first college roommate, had a date with my husband, got a plane ticket for Buddy's mom to visit in Oct., celebrated with my parents and my brother's family, and started ripping up the kitchen floor.
Last year when I turned 37, I was a basket case when Buddy got home from work. This year, I felt great and Caleb was the one crying. We've been watching some cooking shows, so I made a new dinner for us and Buddy got me a food processor! The kids got me a card that plays "what the world needs now is love..." and a gift card. Samuel tried to get me to buy it the day before and he'd pay me back. I told him I thought it would be a good idea to have daddy take them to pick something out. He was totally ok with that and they had an adventure together.
The 1st funeral was for a boy who died at 15 and then a man at 70 years. Really sad to think of lives ending. However, at the 1st funeral, the minister talked about heaven and how real and close it is. There's hope for us who know the Lord- we will have eternity together! I've heard it said this life is the shortest, hardest thing we'll ever do if we love Jesus. I'm glad I do.
Since Catherine needed a dress for homecoming, Buddy and I made that our date night last night. We headed out and the 1st store was closed, but then we hit TJMaxx. Right inside the door we saw some Halloween costumes and one was a bride. Perfect! Is that terrible? She won't know the difference, it looks very princessish and she can play with it for a long time. Then we went to Kohl's to look for shoes and found some cool silver ones. We also checked out the kitchen gadgets and big frying pans. Then it was off to Starbucks for tea and coffee and a nice casual chat. We need to do that more often.
Today I started ripping up the linoleum in our kitchen and laundry room. We're going to put new flooring in and since Buddy will have to do the bulk of that work, I wanted to help take up the old floor. 25 years later, it's not wanting to part company so easily. I didn't start so well- I had no gloves and was using a putty knife. But I was reminded of my friends Nicole and Lori who have accomplished great things in their yards and houses without their husbands helping in some of them. So, I really tried, but didn't get very far. Part way into the process, my dad told me about a tool Buddy had that would work well. Off to the shed I went and started in. Did it work better? Not so much. When Buddy got home he told me he'd turned the blade around so the dull side was out! I'll be back at it tomorrow, hopefully armed better.
I took Caleb for his 1 year check up. He's 19 pounds, 5th percentile and 30+ inches long. He was so happy while we were there, jabbering away and "reading" one of the books. Sadly, we left it in worse shape than we found it.
Today we got to bring Allie Grace home from school until Ballet class. It was a quick time together, but the girls enjoyed it. At dance, there were several boys with DS's and a DVD player with Star Wars Episode I. I think Samuel is enjoying Catherine's class! Catherine was with Allie Grace, Macey, Courtney and another from Gabriella during class, so it was lots of fun.
Buddy is getting ready to put new flooring in our laundry, kitchen and dining areas, so I'm helping out with getting the worst off so it's easier on him. I'm so thankful for the projects he's doing for us, that I want to help as much as I can. It makes it so much easier to do things I normally wouldn't- helping him as he helps me.
Catherine asked today how many more days of school- 8. Is that long? Long enough for her to be part of homecoming, Samuel to have his marble party, me to get the floor done and some organizational things for our school together. Samuel told Buddy tonight he didn't really want to go to school today. He'd been home Thursday and Friday with some virus and really enjoyed himself. God is working to prepare them!

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Charissa said...

Oh Delahne, I'm so glad. Can't believe I just teared up at the idea of Samuel making his announcement. :)