Tuesday, September 9, 2008

As I was driving back from OKC, I called Robin. She has a plan in place to do more than swap at the border of Georgia and Armenia. She put a bug in the ear of an official about them bringing the children, with us families providing the tickets, visa and per diem for the official. Said official is very interested and is working on that.
Oh, and our warranty statements are on the way to Georgia today!

On a different front, I talked to a gentleman (Dave) who homeschools his 2 boys while his wife (Rhonda) works. Now, for years I've said I would never homeschool because I like my time away from my kids, they need their friends, someone else can teach them and it'll b great, blah blah blah. Well, after my conversation, I feel like the Lord is leading us to pull our kids out of RCS and homeschool. Big deep breath.

How better to be able to go and do when we feel led? How better to help Hannah integrate? How better to make a huge financial difference? How better to teach them day to day to have relationship the way we know to with the Father?

Now on to finding out what God has as far as timing...

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