Monday, September 8, 2008

Picture catch up

Labor Day at the water park-Caleb with my sunglasses on.
Samuel enjoyed the slides and huge floating logs you could play on
Catherine enjoying the sun and water
Buddy panning for gold

Very dark picture, but you get the idea of our dining area. Buddy painted the kids on the wall
Samuel wanted to help paint, and this was a very safe place for him to be- behind the fridge!
After- I still need to finish painting the bead board, but I'll get there!
I had to go to OK City today. Caleb went with me, but I forgot his paci! On the way back, he was really tired and the only way to keep him content was to hand him treats when he fussed. I thought he was doing ok until I got home and saw this!

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Charissa said...

HA HA. I'm laughing at the photo of Caleb. Did you feed him chocolate? With organic sugar, of course! :) So cute of Samuel painting behind the refrigerator. He looks so proud of himself!