Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last day

I must say, their last day went swimmingly- not the teary kind of swimmingly, just really well. First was Samuel's class. They were such funny boys! Caleb was a hit until Samuel realized C's diaper needed to be changed and my hands were so full of flowers, cookies, juice boxes, camera and baby up a flight of stairs and down several halls, I couldn't take the diaper bag. Oh well. He has some really good friends there that we'll definitely play with later. After I went to Catherine's room, we loaded her up, drove to the other side of the school, went in to pick up Samuel and his things and one of his good friends was there, in tears because Samuel wouldn't trade him a lego batman for a wizzard. He was mad at Samuel and told him he hated him. What a lovely note to leave on! 8 year old boys are full of surprises.
(Click on the picture to see what Mrs. S wrote on the board. I didn't have a chance to ask Samuel why it was there, but I think I can figure it out!)
Off to the other end of the school for Catherine. Look at that face anticipating the basket of gifts her classmates got for her!
More cookies and juice boxes. (Caleb figured out the straw thing really easily when there's fruit punch involved! What happened to the diluted juice I did for the 1st 2?) Lots of hugs and hand clapping games as quick as you can. Fond farewells all around. Do notice the not so happy face in the middle- Allie Grace does NOT want her friend to go.
We'll be back Thursday for pictures, Friday to the zoo for Samuel's field trip, we'll meet Catherine's class for her's later in October, so it'll be just fine.
After a quick diaper change, snack and an update for my mom (while S, C &C were tearing apart the basket and checking out all the cool things) we were off to the book store. As both kids noticed, it was old and messy. Books piled everywhere, but the owner knew exactly where things were and gave us some great info. I found most of what I needed, but will have to order some workbooks and guides. Not bad, though. She gave Samuel The Hobbit after he asked if we could get The Lord of the Rings video. We haven't even watched Chronicles of Narnia all the way through with them yet, so I wasn't too sure. We decided to read it together and then think about the movie. He also got a bag full of nifty fliers and information about a geophysics lab here that has special things for homeschoolers. I smell a field trip idea... He wasn't really thrilled when Catherine got blessed from her classmates, but came around when God was able to do for him, too.
Overall, it was very good. It was nice to see how well liked the kids were and how kind the families were to Catherine. Even the boys were drawing pictures for her! Samuel was getting notes and phone numbers right until he left his class! Mrs. K is so encouraging and accomodating, I'm looking forward to gleaning much help and inspiration as we begin this journey.
Now, I've got a table piled with school books that need desperately to be organized, a floor that is begging me to wait another day to be scraped (oh wait, that's me wanting to break the 11 pm bedtime cycle) and business needing to be finished for the month. At least I got my post in!

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Charissa said...

Sounds like they've got some great friends. Did you find Bibliomania?