Thursday, October 2, 2008

Homeschool day 1

Well, we made it! I did not get everything organized before we started, so there was much to be sorted through when we began. Each had their own idea of what we should be doing for Bible, pledges, and which days we did what. We ended up with me at the piano, them with flag and Bible and singing and saying pledges. We started out with some seat work and moved into combining what they were each learning in Social Studies. And then I got a phone call. Cue recess! It ended up being pretty fun because I joined them outside and we got to reenact John Smith almost being killed and Pocahontas rescuing him. A Blue Jay flew very low over our heads, landed in a tree, and allowed us to come within 3 feet of it. It stayed there for a while and gave us a chance to talk about what Samuel was learning about classifications of animals. Samuel took this picture while the bird enjoyed its lunch. It was zoomed, but we were about 3 feet away max.
Then we got to discuss how smart God was making some invertebrates with soft bodies. I think we got to cover everything that needed to be covered and finished by 2:20. We even got to read a few chapters in our new book The Boxcar Children. (1 after 2nd recess and 1 because it was media day) After a few times of not showing kindness, I had Catherine rest for 30 minutes- she cried and then slept for an hour! Samuel, Caleb and I went for a walk between neighbor houses while she slept. Caleb was in the stroller and when we stopped, the blue jay landed on the canopy of the stroller and stayed for a bit. Amazing! We hope to see it again soon!

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