Thursday, October 30, 2008

Caleb tidbits

(Enjoying Samuel's birthday cake. Where's his bib!?!)

Caleb is really blossoming lately and I just have to share. While we were in Branson 2 weeks ago, we were sitting around the cottage talking, and he let go of the coffee table and stood by himself a few seconds. He continues to cruise and have fleeting moments standing. While my MIL was here, she did yoga almost everyday. Caleb would get over where she was, play with her hair, and attempt some yoga postures! Really!
He's been signing "more" for several weeks, but today he signed "please," "all done," and "eat!" I realized he'd been doing "eat" for a while, but I hadn't recognized it until he did it after I asked him if he wanted to eat. Also, as the Urbans were leaving, I took him in his room to change his diaper and he waved and called out "ba bye" as clear as can be. (while laying on his changing pad!)
We took him out on the trampoline a few days ago and he had a blast! Unfortunately, the record button was not on. Urrr! We've been reviewing spelling words while Samuel jumps on the trampoline this week (odd, but Samuel's been spelling very well) and Caleb goes with us and really enjoys it.
We have a cd of music sung in Spanish that the kids really like. Caleb will hear it and make a bee line to their room, pull up on the table, and dance to the music. He will raise his hands and jabber. When we say, "Praise the Lord," he waves his hand and jabbers more. So sweet, because we never "taught" him that, he's just picked it up from when we've been at church.

Tonight Samuel was concerned about Caleb getting into the MANY Lego pieces, but I told him it would be my job to keep him out. Considering it was a 692 piece project, there were a lot of small parts and a big box. Well, Caleb had such a great time getting on and off the box, squealing with delight and pointing and talking to the little guys! I got it on video, but can't get it to download. (Major frowny face!) Use your imagination and I'll work on figuring it out.

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