Friday, October 3, 2008

Field trip

Today was another fun day- zoo field trip! We got to see lots of fun animals, people we really like, ride the train, and have a picnic lunch. Caleb crashed on the way home and took a great nap while we did a very little handwriting and language. I'm so enjoying how the kids have spent so much more time playing outside. Samuel took off with a friend for a quick play date. Catherine will be at a birthday party tomorrow, so she's ok with that.
Our neighbor was having a garage sale and had a outdoor table for sale. It had a sign on it when we got home, so I thought it was sold. They'd just moved it! I got it for $10! Now we have a lovely table to go with our fire pit!
Samuel and friends experiencing the earth quake.
The goat trying to share Caleb's snack
Catherine enjoying being in the Children's zoo area
Riding the train with a friend

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