Thursday, October 2, 2008

Homeschool day 2

Another picture of our friendly blue jay.

After a lovely start yesterday, we completely strayed from the plan today. First off, we got a later start and then had to get to their old school by 9 so we could take part in class pictures. It was so sweet to see them when their classes came down. All the kids enjoyed Caleb, surrounded him, and passed him around. He actually really liked it. We had forgotten all their snacks in their rooms, so it was great to go back and find other things that we'd left.

Then we went to town for an appointment, but did do our reading on the way, took seat work into the office while we waited, and did some critical thinking as well. After lunch we got some math and language done and off we went to play with the Urbans. They have such a fun time exploring as they do their school work. I'm glad they have a place my kids can go explore and enjoy running around the great outdoors, climbing in the barn and getting up close to the cows. I had that growing up and it's sad to see them trapped in a yard! They found a cow tooth and some other treasures! One of the boys decided one of the "No Trespassing" signs was old and needed to come down!
Once we got home they went right outside and got busy and soon brought in Samuel's new pet- Jumper who proceeded to jump all over Caleb's room! I calmly suggested they get the box from Samuel's school snacks and put him in. I was busy with Caleb and could hear them pounding very hard on something. In they came with Jumper's new home. Growing up we had an actual Tupperware cupboard. Now we have a mixture of this and that and a few real Tupperware containers. This was Jumper's new home. They had worked very diligently to make sure he could breathe. He couldn't see in the shoe box, so they had to fix that.There was water, grass, rocks, and spinach for him. About 5 minutes later, Samuel felt bad that he may have taken Jumper from his family and decided to let him go. Catherine was in tears about this, so I told them they could keep him for a few days. We had a terrible time getting a picture because he lived up to his name! That's the cow's tooth falling from his hand.

When it was time to pray before bed, Samuel was concerned about Jumper being homesick and prayed about that. I knew he was still concerned, so I asked him what we do when we pray and believe God hears us. "Thank Him?" That's right. AND we don't worry because God cares about Jumper. "Because he's one of His special creations, right mom?" That's right. I love you!
Tomorrow we're off to the zoo with 3rd grade's field trip to search for mammals, vertebrates and invertebrates. Catherine wanted to have a play date instead of going to the zoo since it wasn't her class's field trip!
Looking forward to being home next week so we can really see what this homeschooling is all about!

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