Wednesday, October 29, 2008

School House Rocks!

Back in the day when I was a child, I really liked School House Rock. I learned the Preamble of the Constitution, lots about Elbow Room, and about parts of speech. Since the elections are right around the corner, I knew we needed to learn about how it all works. Amanda emailed me a link to a blog that had some school house rock links. What memories that brought back! It was great to share them with the kids. They thought it was pretty fun. So, we've been looking at You Tube a bit more in the last few days and Samuel keeps asking if they can watch more. Is it to avoid doing other things? to spend more time in front of the computer? or is he actually learning something in the process? Perhaps a bit of both, but that's ok with me.
Check them out, relive a bit of your childhood with your kids, plus they can learn things at the same time!
I also saw a link to this that if you'll take some time, with a box of kleenex, you will laugh until you cry. In fact, I was watching one last night and laughed so hard the kids thought I was crying! It'll do you some good and give you a dose of the best kind of medicine. Life is short, enjoy!

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Charissa said...

I'm so glad you told me about these! We just did interjections today in fact.