Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Branson weekend

Buddy's mom came to be with us last Monday and will stay for 2 weeks. The kids are thrilled that Nana is here and are enjoying going on walks with her and just having her here to experience life. It has been a blessing- she's been extra hands for me, too. Every day she's helping around the house- "What can I do?" She's never minded getting down on the kids' level to help them. Caleb doesn't have sock on most of the time, but he found some and was putting them on top of his feet, so Nana helped him out.

Buddy got some help replacing the front of the dishwasher

We took off Thursday am for Branson. We stopped at a rest stop on the way that had a play ground. Caleb was entertained by the abacus and by his sister. Actually, Catherine entertained him most of the way there! We spent the weekend in the cutest little cottages that looked like they were from Cape Cod! We had 2 2-bedroom cottages and the kids (why do I always call Samuel and Catherine "the kids" as if there are no others?) stayed with my parents; Buddy, his mom, Caleb, and I were in the other and spent time at each others' places.

When we went to SDC on Friday, Caleb was finally enough to ride the bitty rides. He didn't cry, except when I took him out of the frog or butterfly. Then he was bouncing up and down and whimpering for more! People were so taken by him and kept commenting on how well he did. I had a blast listening to him jabber and giggle! This is kind of blurry, but that is sheer delight on his face!

Catherine was pretty much inseperable from her Grandma, and fortunately, Grandma loves being with her, too. Samuel wanted to go to Build-A-Bear for his birthday, so he made a bear with a BatMan outfit. Of course, Catherine thought SHE should have one for her early birthday present, too. They really enjoyed themselves!

We had a wonderful time at church, as usual and were thankful to be able to be a part even while we're away from home.

I'm thankful our parents enjoy each others' company, it sure makes for a fun time together.

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