Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Party notes

Samuel's turning 9 tomorrow. Oh, how the years have flown! For the pst few years, I've decorated his cakes. Last year, there were Hot Wheels that were on a road and one had crashed. This year, it was Legos. So, if you look closely, you'll see 8 Lego guys battling amongst the cup cakes. We had fun creating this together.
We decided to invite his whole class and our family. I told him he could invite anyone from school he wanted to. I was getting a little nervous as he added names, especially since he wanted to do it at our house. His thought was that they could create Lego ships and play with them. When all was said and done, not much Lego play happened. Instead, 18 children were all over the back yard playing tag and Swords and Shields, a game they played in Tae Kwon Do. I got everyone swords, but no shields. Realizing there would be most definitely something missing, I mad shields of construction paper. Pretty lame, but they worked initially!
Samuel was getting some strategy ideas from one of the dads.

Piper was cruising around the yard while fierce battles were waged all around her.

All but one of the kids at the party. We didn't sugar them up too much, but we did send them home tired!

Since Nana wasn't going to be here for Catherine's party and because we had some cupcakes left over, we decided to celebrate Catherine's day a few months early. You would never guess it wasn't her real day from the joy on her face. No presents, but singing, candles, cupcakes and ice cream was pretty good for her.

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