Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pilgrim's Progress

OK, so not THE Pilgrim's Progress, but we're making progress with the Pilgrims. My mom has been really great about giving us craft supplies in the past, so we had a bunch of foam shapes and construction paper. I thought we could us those as an art project and "build" our for and homes at Plymoth. Here are the results.

We then went to Atwoods to find the things we would need to start out our colony. We found the knives quite interesting, as well as the air guns. Another fun thing was the baby chicks. "They're only $1.99, mom. I could buy it with my own money!" "Samuel, I'm not too sure about that. Where would you keep it?" "In my room." "We'll have to talk to dad about that one." We tried to find flint so we could start a fire, but they didn't have any. We did learn some interesting things about cutting down trees and the MANY things we take for granted. They were sharp enough to know they wouldn't need any extension cords!
Today we have to vacate the house so some exciting things can be done. We'll go to my parents for a while and mark out the size of the Mayflower and write letters back home from the colonists. Then we'll head out to the Urbans for a possible camp out...
I've got some work to do before Buddy's home in 2 hours. Stay tuned!

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