Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our newest family member

While waiting for the most exciting addition to our family, we got a smaller addition. My friend Shawn has 2 kittens that needed homes. She called last week and we piled into the car to go look. I had had conversations with Buddy about Nicki being over 13 and probably needing to find his eternal home before things got bad. He is a wonderful cat, loving, sleeps with me every night, acts like a baby, and is very particular! He's been with me since he was 6 weeks old and is very much a part of the family. However, after a few accidents, you begin to wonder. So this seemed like an answer to prayer.

We got back from Branson and I had a message from Shawn. They were READY to get this cat into her new home. So, after naps, we went and picked up our beautiful new kitten. Samuel is thrilled to have a cat that will be his for years to come, that he can name, and that is happy to be snuggled.
Katie came over tonight and really like the kitty, too. We had no name for her, so we all gave suggestions, then voted on them. Samuel wasn't thrilled with any and came up with Shadow. Shadow is currently in our bathroom, waiting to be introduced to the other 2. See, I haven't decided what to do about Nicki- he was perfect during our 4 day absence! How long do you think we can have 6 people and 3 cats in the same house? All 3 cats are beautiful and sweet in their own way.
Samuel is in Cub Scouts, as I've mentioned before. I have to say how pleased I am that he sold over $500 in popcorn without us buying the bigest amount! We actually only bout $40 worth. Way to go, Samuel! He was telling us that the last Christmastime he was in Scouts, they sang to "some grumpy old people to make them happy. This year it'll just be old people to make them happy!" What a funny boy!


enjoy your life said...
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sonya said...

Hi Delahne! I didn't know you home school your kids too. I haven't talked to since you, Laura and I worked in the 3 year old class at church. Anyways, I ran across your blog accidently and just thought I'd say hello.

seotech said...

Your boy and girl are so cute~~
Realy a sweet family~