Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We had such a nice weekend together! Happily, we were able to do some fun things AND get things accomplished. Catherine's friend Courtney had a birthday party at a ranch, so Catherine got to ride a horse and helped hit the pinata that was made to endure! She sat right beside the birthday girl and shared in her excitement. We were glad to be there. Buddy was able to get most of the rest of the floor scraped- just not the laundry area. The nasty carpet is out of the dining room and I'm amazed how much better it looks with bare concrete than stained carpet. I'm also amazed how much dirt I'm now seeing showing up on the concrete!

We went to my parents' church since we were a little slow getting around Sunday am. The kids really wanted to be with Grandpa and Grandma, so I sent them off for some fun, then went home to make lunch and help Buddy. It's great to have them close and to have a good relationship with them.

This was our first full week homeschooling and it's going really well. I'm learning to incorporate more than one subject/ learning experience at a time instead of Spanish, math, science, etc. As I'm reading about it, it does make sense and will help it be much more enjoyable for all of us. We've been acting out our history and having a story time of it. They ask for it and enjoy it. They like to go off to their "cozy" spots for their reading and then Catherine gets excited about reading to me. The outside has become more enticing, but they wait until I tell them it's time. Today when our neighbor friend came over I asked if she could hear them and she could- 2 houses down! While we were at WalMart, I was trying to use the experience for learning and it didn't go over like I thought. I'm sure it'll come more naturally in time.

Caleb started waving today, which I know is normal, but I've been showing him and he hasn't been doing it. Today I showed him and about 5 minutes later he was waving away. So sweet! He was so happy tonight, crawling, laughing, and going back and forth. I need to get that on video! He's also started grabbing my hair and pulling himself up so his face rests on mine when I'm rocking him before naps/bed. He's very strong, so it hurts, but cute. Got to appreciate these times together.

Off to do lesson plans...

Edited to say: We are now remembering why we close the lid on the toilet seats- Caleb had his arm immersed this am. Oh my!

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Charissa said...

Sounds like things are going great! I'm so proud of you! I think it's time for another get-together. :)