Wednesday, November 5, 2008

God news

Last night we watched a bit of the returns before the kids went to bed. The kids went with me to vote yesterday and were very patient for the hour we were at the polling place. They were well aware that one candidate "wants to change the world and wants to kill babies," as Catherine says. We were really clear on what our beliefs are and why we were voting as we did. However, I kept reminding them that God is still God, He'll always care for us, protect us and bring blessing to us no matter who is president. We also talked about how God can move on the President's heart to favor the righteous even if he isn't.
So this morning we woke up to find... God is STILL good! He is still going to bless us! We still have Someone greater to take care of us. We're so thankful that this is true and we can rest in that as we go through this term in office. We'll just be reminded more than ever to lift up the government in prayer each day.

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Charissa said...

Wow. Your attitude is so much better than mine. :)