Friday, November 21, 2008

Playtime and school fun

Yesterday, since we were studying Ben Franklin, I decided to do an experiment with electricity. At least 1 Christmas ago we bought an electricity kit for S and used it very little. It seemed the perfect time to pull it out. We couldn't get any of the things to work- fan, buzzer, light, etc. By the time we were part way through it, Caleb was up and nothing was working, so we called it a day. We did learn how atoms rub against each other and change their charges. They had fun learning that. We rubbed balloons on our hair to make static electricity and tried to get them attract or repel. I think they got something out of it. It was a good diversion none-the-less. Today we got to act out the Boston Tea Party, which they thought was pretty fun, and marched around protesting "no taxation without representation!"

Last night we got a call for a play date with S that he's been wanting for sometime. Of course, we had to find something for C. However, when we were just starting school, we got a call that "W" had misbehaved and lost the privilege of a play date. Oh my, did that ever bring sadness to S! This was a shining example of why we need to behave when we have special things happening. However, we got a raincheck for tomorrow and "I's" mom called today and he got to go there for several hours.

C and her friend had a great time, in and out of the high 30's windy weather! Here they are, dressed their Chinese clothes, after they were writing in Chinese on the dry erase board. (Boy, has that thing been fun!)
Looking forward to Buddy being home tomorrow most of the day. It'll be good to have some daddy time!

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