Saturday, November 22, 2008

I love my kids!

Today marks 7 days of Caleb going to be with just his paci and "B" or afghan my mom made for him. It's been ok, not horrible, not great. It's also the week that he's really showing he's getting some molars :0( He still likes to snuggle in bed in the am for a bit, but gets busy playing, climbing around, entertaining us while he explores. For his birthday my parents got him a Tonka you can push around or walk behind. He's had no interest in it until Tuesday and now he sooo enjoys it! He hears it coming and off he scoots to meet it. He's starting to kind of let go while he transitions from one piece of furniture to another. He's just plain cute in too many ways to tell.
Catherine is getting so much better with her reading and picking up math. I was totally shocked when we was able to add dimes and pennies together with very little instruction from me.
She and Samuel got really excited about the idea of learning how to knit! OK, I admit, I bought some knitting needles when I was 6 months pregnant with Caleb! The yarn I bought about a year ago. Part of the reason is because I want us to start doing something that is much more giving to others minded for Christmas. Years of buying things that get used just a short time have left me realizing that we need to do something different and give as a family significantly to others in need. Well, tonight while we were watching The Truth 16 Big Bucks (hunting videos) they both helped me knit a scarf! It's not done yet, but should be tonight. I am using the most enormous needles- about the size of a quarter, so it should be done fast! Samuel did both working the needles and adding yarn to the stitches while I did the opposite. Catherine helped one row, but asked about 10 times, no exaggeration, if I was done yet. The 1st will be hers while I learn what I'm doing!
We were cleaning up the kitchen and out came these silly kids...

We were talking about Hannah while we were getting ready to go to sleep and they started talking about what we can do for her, what we want her to have, etc. They are still so excited about her and are so sure it's going to be soon. They are convinced she'll be here for Christmas.
I'm all for it and am excited for her arrival.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. If you listen closely, you'll hear my needles...

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Mary said...

I'm knitting a pair of mittens right now and I am having so much fun! My friends and I actually just had a knitting party and listened to Christmas music while drinking hot cocoa. Perfect way to spend a cold Saturday night the week before Thanksgiving!