Thursday, November 13, 2008

Caleb is 14 months today! I found out this morning why he's been Mr. Grumpy Pants the past few days- he sprouted 2 new teeth over night! Finally, he has 8 teeth!
We spent a splendid morning at an art museum with a total of 22 children and 6 adults. Unfortunately, I was the first to be told "DON'T TOUCH!" when I accidentally touched the glass on a painting. Thank God it was the glass and not the actual painting! There were some other hands that touched and a somewhat nervous lady followed us around to make sure we didn't do anything we shouldn't. It was a very interesting tour and the kids came home with an art kit they can add to each month if we'll go back to see more. Sounds like a plan.
I had to share Catherine's prayer from last night, which should be less controversial than the last one! "Dear God, please, please, please help Hannah come home soon. I've been waiting for days and days and days and days for her to be here!" We're closer every day.
Samuel is going to play laser tag tomorrow with a friend, so I arranged a play date with one of Catherine's friends today. We all ended up staying and having a very good time together. Thanks Jennifer!

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Charissa said...

I really wish someone would have taken a picture of that. I realized later there were 5 strollers! It was fun though. I am beginning to feel like my grandparents. I went on and on to John about the interesting paintings and interesting history. I'm not sure he heard a word of it.