Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thank you!!!

I was brought to tears yesterday when I got our mail. You see, there is a young lady named Mary who happened upon our blog, is very interested in Hannah's birth country, has some music from there, and was willing to share it with us. After a few emails, she promised to get them in the mail. I forgot about it and didn't expect anything for a week or so. When I opened the package, it wasn't one cd, it was 4! There was a sweet note explaining some of the history, which we all thought was very cool and also brought lots of questions from Catherine. For many years their singing was in secret to keep their culture alive during occupation. She wanted to know if the occupying country could hear the clapping we heard on the cd, if they would find these singers, what would happen, where Hannah was during all this, etc. We've basically listened to nothing since then whenever we're in the car. I was so moved by that and then I saw this sweet lady had enclosed a check. Here she is, a college student and she was moved enough to give to us to help bring Hannah home. It still gets me now to know that total strangers care! We are ever so grateful and look forward to sharing this with Hannah as she grows up and has a link to her history.


Mary said...

I'm so glad that you are enjoying the music! It was a pleasure corresponding with you and I love reading your blog so much. The clapping you hear on the CD's corresponds to traditional dances and often the singers will clap in time to the music while one or two dancers will dance in front of them. I saw a really cool Georgian sword dance once where the dancing was so vigorous that sparks were flying from the swords! If you look up Georgian dancing on youtube, you can find some good examples, though I've yet to find a video of a sword dance there!

Charissa said...

What a blessing, Delahne. It is so awesome how the Lord brings friends into our lives to help us along our journey.