Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Great fun

Well, after saying we were going to have a quiet weekend, we didn't really follow through with it. Saturday, we did stay home in the am, but then went together to drop off something with Buddy and out for dinner. We had a great time at dinner and all behaved nicely, even though Caleb was a bit sleepy. Then another trip to Sam's. I'm telling you, that place had even more things we hadn't seen just the day before!
Sunday we went to Kid's World, which was an expo of about 30 countries showing their culture and history. At the Israel booth, the kids got to write a prayer that will be put in the Western Wall. They thought it was pretty cool. You'll have to click on Catherine's picture to see what she wrote. Very cool. Oh look, there they are themselves!
The kids got to write calligraphy at Taiwan's table. The did leaf rubbings, painted a fish, got a tree to plant, had their names written in Hebrew, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese (?), and Cyrillic. After we got home, they practiced writing them on the white board with the new markers that actually work! We got to try on wooden shoes, have a Japanese head band that says success, or as Samuel spelled it "sexess." I was a little disconcerted when I first saw it, but then he explained and I casually mentioned how it's really spelled. SOOO not ready for any talks!
We got a tree to plant, which will be very neat. We did that growing up and when I've been back to MN to see our old house, it's amazing how it's grown! I know we will not be in this house much longer, so I'm hopeful it'll provide the next family with many years of enjoyment.
I got some really neat info and ideas for field trips that I hope we can do soon.
Last night, The Urbans and we went on a double date. That's a first in a very long time for us! We were going to go to a dinner and a basketball game where Charissa and I went to college. However, I had to take C to dance, pick up the babysitter, line up dinner for the kids, drive to their house so we could ride together. Buddy came home right before we left for dance and it was a blessing because while we were gone, Caleb had some major activity in his diaper that required a bath. He was all cleaned up by the time I got home, but Buddy hadn't even had a chance to shower yet! Sweet guy, that was the second time he'd bathed C for the same reason! So, change of plans and the Urbans came to our house. By the time we got there, got our tickets, waited for the escort up to the dinner, they had run out of food. We're starving and had the options of eating concession food, leaving to have dinner somewhere else and be late for the game, or eat everything else that was left besides the roast beef, which was the only thing missing from the menu. It turned out to be good food, a really good game, and fabulous fun being with our friends. Sadly, neither of us brought our cameras! Great news is that we get to go again since we missed out on dinner, really just the meat, and have another Monday night date night. I did get a picture of the picture Catherine drew while we were gone. The babysitter had to ask who Hannah was and the kids told her all about her.

Today we went to a very nice Bread co. that makes their bread from scratch, complete with grinding the grain. We were a little foolish in our dress because we thought we'd take the tour inside and instead spend a chunk of it out in the low 40's weather. I felt bad for Caleb. Fortunately, I had him in a carrier and he had some padding and shelter. The bread was delicious! The kids got to knead some dough, see the ovens


Charissa said...

So funny about the Kung Fu headband, and so sweet about the prayer. I love your kids!

Worldinternetsummitdvd said...

nice kids, god bless you.