Monday, November 24, 2008

This weekend we took 2 shoeboxes filled with goodies for children around the world to the drop off location. If you missed it this year, make a point to look into it next year. It's an awesome organization and cause. After we dropped them off, we decided to make more. However, today was the last day to drop off, so we had to do it amid many errands, but got it done. This way, we gave for all 4 of our kids! Samuel told me it would be so cool if Hannah got a shoe box. I agree!

I thought one of my fillings was coming out and called the dentist today and actually got in today, too! Turns out it's a chip, but I need 2 little cavities filled that I've needed to do for some time. When I get them fixed I'll get the amalgom's on that side removed and replaced. I remember the feeling of the needle and the taste, so I'm not excited. I got a babysitter for the kids so was able to go shopping for school things, craft things, a quick Sam's trip, and finally bought something for me with birthday money. It was so nice to be able to browse by myself! I found some really cool yarn for $1.99 that had been $8.49! What a steal that was.
I also found some more things for our Thanksgiving party with the Urbans tomorrow. I believe we've got the craft stuff done and I found a game called "J-I-N-G-O" which is like BINGO with questions about Thanksgiving. We've got our recipes ready and are going to eat like Pilgrims, or so we think. Wouldn't it be funny to find out what we thought was history was totally off? (Actually I think that's true more and more as history is being re-written. Hmmm.)

I finished the 2nd scarf last night and the kids were very impressed. Now, to keep the motivation and make some more... I'll take some pictures and post them so you can see how very crafty we are. I'm thinking about what we could make and send to Hannah.

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