Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pilgrim activities and more

Thanks for all the kind comments and for some of you coming out of hiding to share your thoughts. Makes me feel a bit better. I feel bad for the person who is, obviously so sad about something that it comes out in this fashion.

On to happier thoughts...
Here is Samuel's self portrait while he's hiding from me.

In History, we should have moved on to Ben Franklin, but have stuck with the Pilgrims. I think I mentioned that earlier. A few days ago we made Bannock Cakes that were an even bigger hit with Caleb and Samuel today while Catherine wouldn't touch them! We tried making Indian pudding that was a Pilgrim favorite. Evidently, it takes a very long time to make. We use Rice milk and I think that may have been a key factor in the results we got. After 2 hours in the oven it should have been done. However, ours is a soupy mess that I'm wondering about it ever thickening up! Samuel did think we should make all the recipes and bring them to mom's for Thanksgiving. I'm not too sure how that would go over, but it's a great thought!

We decided to make models of the Pilgrims oven and spits. Imagine with me, if you will, the friendly warmth of the fire, the crackle of the logs (which we later added with confetti) and the meat roasting, the smell of bread in the oven, pea soup in the pot, and the cold backsides from no warmth apart from the fire in the oven! Catherine made a table later, that was loaded with crusty loaves of bread. Of course, Catherine has pink for her oven. Samuel wanted to make furniture and people and .... but settled for what what you see. Notice the detail on his turkey! I'm thankful for all the crafty things mom's shared and the big table to accommodate all the needed embellishments C wanted to put on hers!

Catherine really likes to play piano. She's currently playing "Walking from the ocean to the forest" on her keyboard. It's lovely. She was singing "It's Just Like Jesus" the other day and playing it on the piano. I've sung that Hymn since I was little and it was so funny to hear her singing the right words to a completely new tune. Caleb has discovered the piano, too, so both S & C put him on the bench with them and sing together. He has a blast!
We switched today to A Beka math from Saxon. Both were very pleased with the new books. They have color and seem to be more fun, even though they are required much more at this level. I'm excited to see how they catch up and excel.
That's all for now. I'll let you know how the pudding turns out.


Charissa said...

I can see why homeschooling has been a pleasant surprise for them. You'll have to share your favorite Pilgrim recipes.

learning chinese online said...

homeschooling is important for your kids,i can see how happy they are!