Friday, November 14, 2008

What a day!

Today was a busy one. I think we were home about 4 hours between 7:30 am to 6 pm. Buddy got to be home in the morning for breakfast with us, then met up with us for an appointment and lunch. The kids and I spent some time shopping at Sam's. Boy, it's been a while and did we ever find some great things! A white board for school and 12 lovely colors of dry erase markers! Alas, the purple didn't work, so we'll have to take them back. This brought a few quick tears, but we got past it! We also found cool trash cans that someday we'll go back to get. The beautiful Christmas gift sets are out, along with lots of toys! Dad was in town and visited with us while we were shopping, so that was fun. Back for a nap for Caleb and finishing up school work for S&C, then off to do some errands and quick shop for a birthday present for one of Samuel's friends.
We had a little moment after we got the gift. See, Samuel likes to trade things with his friends. He was blessed with a game boy micro about 1.5 years ago and traded it for a regular game boy a few weeks ago. He traded one game for another, then traded that game for the Things hands. Some how he ended up with no games and he was quite distressed that he was giving games to "I" and he had none of his own. We had to talk about why we should maybe share or think long and hard about things before we trade. And also, when you give it opens up the doors for blessing for you. I think part of the issue was that I had him use some of his money to pay for part of the gift. I think he'll be ok. He doesn't hardly ever play game boy anyway!
When we got home, "I" and his mom were in our driveway, ready to take S to laser tag and pizza. The funny thing was, I's mom kept having to ask the boys to get into her car! They just kept playing and were heading outside to play at one point. They're still out at 8 pm, just now eating pizza and will be back ready to play some more. As soon as they left, C&C and I went to the Dollar Tree. C has gotten 5 100's on spelling tests and got to pick anything out she wanted. Can you guess what she wanted?
We had to go get pizza for us since the boys were having some, so a quick shopping trip at WalMart and back home by 6. Samuel has also had 5 100's on spelling and we got him some football cards.
Caleb really likes to play with the drawers in the dishwasher, pulling them out so he can take out the utensils and throw them all over the floor. Well, tonight I turned around to see...
I quickly grabbed the camera, took the picture and then said, "No, no! Don't climb into the dishwasher!" He looks like he couldn't care less.
Catherine and I ate our pizza, put Caleb to bed, C read to me, we made some yummy cake and ate it. Now it's time for bed and we're thankful tomorrow will be much slower paced!

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