Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big changes

OK, so yesterday after we left Dr. Ray and Mary's, having talked to Dave (Rhonda's husband) about homeschooling, I had such peace, like this is a direction to go with. I asked the kids what they thought and they said it would be sad not being with their friends.
I talked to Dave more last night and one thing he said that was really cool- stop trying to figure it out- that's working your plan, not trusting God for His plan and following it.
Well, after I talked with Buddy, I went to bed and prayed and could not get to sleep! I was up for anther 2 hours thinking about school, how we could make it work, the many benefits, and the joy of having the Urbans nearby for support, kids to play with and even some team teaching! I can see us doing Bible and PE and science experiments together! Think of Hannah coming to a new place where people live part time vs a family learning and playing together! Talk about integration! Not only that, but we'd be able to pay off things, do some much needed projects and have a much more comfortable life financially.
So this am on the way to school we talked a bit about different families who homeschool and how they stay connected with their friends. Much better response this time. I went to Allie Grace's mom first to let her know. How wonderful to have a mom who loves the Lord, understands the necessity of obeying the Lord's leading and who's willing to work with me to keep them close. We'll be putting Catherine in the same dance class as Allie Grace so they'll have at least that time together each week. C's teacher homeschooled her children and was extremely supportive of our decision, and is going to pull together some reeally good resources for me to use. Then I went to Mrs. Woolf and Mrs. Profitt, vp and not sure her tiotle, anyway, they were both very sweet and encouraging. Mrs. W told me how glad she was we were following God's path for us instead of being like so many, wandering around unsure of what we're to be doing. The blessing is that we'll pay September's tuition and be done. The kids will have 3 more weeks to be with friends, I'll have time to better organize myself and do some research. GREAT thing is that they will bring all their papers and books home with them andI won't have to buy new curriculem! Huge blessing for us. I started to cry taking to Mrs. W. Her positive attitude was such a blessing. She offered to help during the transition and suggested I meet with the teachers to have help understanding how they set things up for lessons and teaching styles. What more could I ask for?
Charissa's really excited for us and I know I'll have lots of help. This will free us up to go to Branson more, go on field trips, visit Buddy in Tahlequah, have much more flexibility for visiting Buddy's family, etc. This is good.

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