Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hannah's getting a package!

We were without internet for about 5 days and what a deal that was! I found I had more time in my day, but certainly missed catching up on the goings on of families around the country. Now we're back and thankful!

We were told Samuel needed an ortho evaluation at 9.5 years! So, Monday we trooped to the office, filled out the papers and found out he's just fine. Crazy to think about things like that at such an early age. I guess as puberty creeps up (yikes!) those things are creeping, too.

Last weekend we were able to send a package to Robin to take to Hannah! I should have taken pictures of what we sent, but we'll be seeing it again soon. Samuel wanted her to have one of his soccer pictures, Catherine wanted her to have a class picture, and I sent a family picture from January. We laminated them, punched a hole in the corner, sent a ring in Catherine's picture so Hannah can have them to look at and see the more recent "us." Samuel sent her a little mirror, a Littlest Pet Shop animal, and his picture all inside a Lego Creator box (his choice) with a sticky note that says "Handle with care. From your loving brother to *****(birth name.)" (He asked if the box would come back and was ok with it once I said yes.) Catherine wrote a note she wouldn't show me, tucked it into the ribbon on a bunny, along with her picture, wrapped in cute paper. I was able to find a little pink satin blanket with a classic Pooh holding a portion of it. Catherine thought we shouldn't get it for her because we have special blankets/afghans for her here. Then I explained to her that when Hannah leaves the orphanage (yes, she's back for the time being) she will have nothing familiar to take with her except what we've sent when the Spahr's went last March and what Robin is taking this time. What a comfort for her to have these familiar things when she comes home. That made sense, so she helped me pick it out. We are anticipating great things happening while Robin's there. Looking forward to pictures- it's been since January! I'd so like to be able to plan the beginning of the summer but will be patient and just keep going until we hear news.

Only 11 more days of school for our happy homeschoolers. I'm sure they're greatly anticipating it, although we will be working on math and language throughout the summer. We've survived to tell of the joys of getting through the first year!

Thanks for the advice on strollers. I need to get hopping on that.

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Charissa said...

Man, I wish I knew what Catherine wrote....