Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our newest family members

While in Branson, the kids each won a gold fish and 2 other little fish, I am not sure what they are. Of course, we had to go to WalMart and get all necessary supplies. We'd watch a Popular Mechanics for Kids that showed how to make an ecosystem. what a cool science project! We first went to a pet store to get snails and find out what we'd need to get at WalMart. As expected, there are amazing cute dogs, birds, mice, guinea pigs, etc. there. OK, not cute mice, but the rest were. "I wish I had a bird and some dogs..." We have 3 cats already and I'm just not feeling the need or the space to add more. Fish can live on a shelf, so they are acceptable.

Alas, one of the snails didn't make it while I prepared the fish bowl. Who knew? The other seems to be doing quite well and the fish are happily swimming about. The kids have been able to identify their own fish and have multiple names for them. At some point they'll settle on it, but I don't think the fish really care.

On the adoption front... Some hoops have been jumped, we seem to be getting ever nearer. I'm reminding myself that the Lord is faithful and will carry us through this end-of-the-game waiting.

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Mary said...

Oh boy, I remember winning goldfish as a kid....we ended up putting them in a giant clear glass flower vase, though they ended up dying a couple of days later. It's so exciting that you are getting closer to seeing Hannah. Best of luck on the adoption front, and I'll be keeping both her and her forever family (you guys!) in my prayers.