Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where is my brain?

Our whole family likes Third Day, so when we found out they were coming to Tulsa, we debated about taking the kids. Knowing how late it would be and the many chances in the future to see them, we decided to have a date night ourselves and go. Buddy decided to go to some meetings every night this week and was really excited about them. I reminded him of the TD concert, which I thought was Thursday night. He'd be home in time. Last night he was at his meeting and I was reading what Samuel's been reading to check up on his books, made soup for today, and got in bed at a decent time.
This morning I checked my email, checked Facebook, and saw a comment about how great the concert was!! Well, it could be worse.

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Kerry Shealy said...

Oh no! Maybe next time! What a bummer?!