Saturday, April 4, 2009

Skating fun

Yesterday was homeschool day at the ice rink. Knowing it was right in the middle of Caleb's nap time, I wanted to find a way to keep him home so we could all enjoy it. It wouldn't be nearly as fun without friends. So we left Caleb with Charissa, borrowed some Urban children and their larger vehicle, and off we went. I tried to get away without putting on skates; it's been at least 18 years since I last donned my lovely white figure skates (which I still have in our garage.) However, as I was helping Hope around the rink, I was informed that was NOT ok. I was really concerned that I would fall while I was helping the kids and who knew who would be hurt in the process. Turns out that didn't happen. However, the videos I was taking are probably pretty wild when I was flopping my arms to keep my balance!
All the kids did well. Samuel and Catherine had never been skating of any kind, but by the end they were ready to let go of the wall while they shuffled at a painfully slow rate around the rink. Look mom! I'm doing it! The last few falls did Catherine in, and tears were right at the surface. Our cue to go. However, they have great plans about going back soon and frequently. Guess I'll have to dust off my skates and remember my second layer of socks.


Christine said...

What fun! I once had a pair of figure skates too.

Delahne said...

I grew up in MN and it was a way of life every winter. Wasn't ever very good, but I could play hockey!