Friday, April 17, 2009

Art, date night, and more

Just a few catch ups for you. Isn't that usually the case? Yesterday, we completed a neat art project together called foil art. I got a video at the library to help out with ideas and this was a great one. The mushroom pictures were from the same video. Anyway the kids were really excited about the 3 day process and couldn't wait to get started. First, draw a picture with black crayon on stiff cardboard. Then go over your picture with a thick line of glue. Let this dry over night so it's nice and dry.
Cover your cardboard with foil and fold over the sides. You can tape or glue if you need to. Press all over with your fingers to get the outlines and then use a clean eraser to get in closely to the lines of glue.
Use black shoe polish and rub all over the foil. Let this dry overnight.
The next day use steel wool and polish your picture. The raised areas will get shiny and the others areas will end up looking like tarnished silver. Pretty cool. The kids were pleased.
Yesterday was also milestone day for Caleb. He did big stuff on the potty. Every day is a new day for his schedule, so I just did our usual sit on the potty and pretend thing. Well he sat there and started grunting and before you know it, there were presents in the potty! He also was putting the shapes in his shape sorter correctly! I'm sure the 2 have nothing to do with each other, nor did they happen at the same time, but it was pretty cool.

I've been looking online the past few nights for double strollers, feeling the need to get more in order for Hannah's arrival. The debate about tandem vs. side by side. I've heard great from both sides, but I don't want something really heavy or hard to maneuver or really costly. I'm sure it's out there for me and I will find it. Any input, though is appreciated.
Since Buddy hasn't been home much this week, the kids were showing it. School was a little challenging even though I was trying to do fun things, take breaks, go do more places together. Since I'd already gotten a babysitter for our special date night to the Third Day concert that we missed, I decided to take the kids out. At first S&C did not have great attitudes and I told them it would be ok to go home or we could try to have fun and enjoy this time together. Thankfully, they changed their tunes. We went to a restaurant Buddy didn't want to go to, got take out, went to a park to have a picnic and play. We stopped and picked up ice cream on the way home and after Caleb was in bed, we had Chocolate Caramel chai ice cream cones with sprinkles and read Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren. Fun was had by all.

Fish update: Catherine's snail died before it hit the water and she's been begging everyday to get another one. While we were on our date, the 1st stop was the pet store. this morning we didn't see anything showing out of its shell. Moments of concern turned to excitement when we saw it poke its head out and open and close its mouth. Thank you Lord!
Looking forward to a nice weekend together starting with a soccer game and Buddy being home all weekend. Yeah!


Meredith said...

Hey there, my thoughts on strollers... since you asked ;) I've had a front/back Graco Duoglider which I liked a lot but... With older kids it's heavy and harder to steer the front/back ones. We bought a Jeep Umbrella style side by side right before going to Ukraine and I have really liked all but one thing about it- it's wider than my front door. EVERY other door it has fit through, but not my front door. But we still use it when we need a small stroller or one that folds up very tiny. It's lightweight, steers fine (I shop by pushing a stroller/pulling a cart with 1 hand each) and the price was right (under $100 and free shipping to store at Wal-Mart). But... we had 3 non-walkers so we were seriously blessed to be given a Valco TriMode Twin stroller with a 'toddler' seat attachment. It's big, heavy, but moves about VERY easily AND fits all 3 of my little ones that weren't walking. With another baby on the way and a few weeks/months of respite for another child coming my way, I'm REALLY glad to have it! But... My Jeep is still the one that grandparents borrow when they go for a walk or that goes with us to dr's appointments where there's not a lot of room to move about. Just some thoughts :) Happy shopping!


Hi~I'm Alysha said...

Did I tell you I love the art? Such a great idea! We both seem to have artsy homes and creative kiddo's that love new ideas. I'll definatly try this one :) thanks!...stroller thoughts to share: mine is a front/back..heavy as can be and not as easy to manover as I would like. Think I'll be trying out a new one too. Praying for you guys and your Hananh..praying too that she and Nika find comfort in each other in the orphan house :( God bless!